Even your studies are in our favor…

Oh ya, that gun crisis you keep hearing.  Ya, well it’s been getting better not worse. And you know, that Congressional study stuff. That suddenly was rather quiet once completed, largely because is showed that in most every way, increased gun ownership was not leading to higher crime.

In fact, though we’ve had over 50% increase in gun ownership.  Gun murders have nearly fallen by 50% between 1994-2009. 

As for the guns causing the crimes. It’s not scary ARs, assault rifles, hi capacity handguns. It’s mostly the smaller revolvers and derringers.

H/T PAGunblog.com

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Rights and Responsibilities

Yes, that is the new name of former representative Gabby Giffords new PAC for gun control.  Remember, if you have to call yourself it, you’re probably not. So I’m assuming that this group is neither responsible nor about rights.

She will be transferring $300,000 in donations from a closed Congressional campaign to the PAC. This group will be separate from her “Americans for Responsible Solutions”, which is a Super PAC and allowed to receive unlimited donations. So I’m wagering what we’ll see her is that this new PAC will give to congressmen while the SuperPAC will collect funds and give to the baby PAC.

Oh, and who are the first to benefit from this PAC?  Manchin and our beloved Toomey.


PS – Hope everyone had a Happy and Thankful Holiday.

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Zimmerman in the news again….(tiring)

Okay, so this time Mr. Zimmerman decided to point a shotgun at his girlfriend. And I suspect he’ll be convicted this time of felony aggravated assault. Which is good.  I believe he is showing himself not safe to possess at this time.


Wife now questions based on incident too.


So what does this mean.  No one likes having a nut job be a poster child for them.  Is it just the result of a horrendous trial?  was he always this off the handle? or is there something we may all be missing?

I’m not sure, but it dawned on me that this dude was having his head seriously smashed into against the cement.   It’s got me wondering if he might of actually suffered brain damage.  It’s well documented that certain types of severe trauma to the brain can cause an increase in irrational activity.  And yes, it’s possible he was always like this.  If Mr. Zimmerman was smart, he’d check himself into a hospital and seek a neuroligist that specializes in head trauma and see if there may be more damage than realized.

And folks, this is why, even if you’re in the right. It’s always better if you can get away and not have to take someone’s life. Cause your life will likely never be the same again.

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Fun with X-rays

The following article/gallery features a bunch of items that were X-rayed by a large scanner.  Car, robot, plane (done in sections), but half of them are firearms.  So I thought my readers might enjoy.

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Supreme Court refuses to hear EPIC vs FISA (NSA monitoring)

SCOTUS refused to hear EPIC’s challenge against the FISA court in regards to the broad surveillance the NSA is enganged in.

I will say, that on the surface, this appears cowardly. But the article does mention a number of similar cases are filed. So perhaps there is in this queue a better case, litigant, etc.  In which I will hold out to hear. But I am disappointed that no comment was provided. And if ALL these other cases are dismissed in similar fashion. I would call SCOTUS cowardly and derelict in duty.

Who, if not the Supreme Court, is to review the actions of other courts on their merits of violating the Constitution. If they refuse to hear and address all of the cases filed, then I believe that the SCOTUS members would need to be removed from office.

And I am sorry, while I may not be a Constitutional scholar, I am pretty darn sure that if reviewed objectively, what is being done is clearly without a doubt unconstitutional.

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Regardless if email, cell phones, etc. did not exist, papers were clearly the form of communication in the day. And it is protected, as such it is a fair extension. Afterall, we do call it electronic mail for a reason. And if not papers, than they are “my effects”.

Second, a warrant is to require probable cause, and that is supposed to be toward an individual or narrow group of individuals. Not a blanket warrant for every person in the nation.

Third, a warrant is to be specific, denote what is to be searched or seized.  Saying we’re going to seize a copy of every email, is not specific.


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33 Minutes

The amount of time the TSA agent was left to bleed out before emergency medical help arrived – waiting for the all clear.

There was time in America’s history where the first responders would rush in, regardless of danger.  And while the risks were higher, it was beautifully noble.  I fear 9-11 changed us….and in a bad way.


This is a good reason why every gun owner should know first aid and how to treat a gunshot wound.  Knowing so might save your life or that of another person.

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To all those who served…

Our hats off to you.  To all those who didn’t come home. Our hearts out to you.

Truthfully, I know many veterans, but I know so few veterans who get Veteran’s Day off. If you are an employer, especially a small business that has the authority to do so, consider giving your veterans the day off with pay. 

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In the news today…. “(un)Common Sense” zero tolerance policies and vigilante justice.


Two university students face expulsion after using a handgun to defend themselves from an intruder in their university-owned apartment. 

So a stranger claiming to just have gotten out of jail exclaims he wants money. They offer him a blanket and food to no avail, he enters the apartment.  One roomate shouts to the other who comes out with gun drawn.

These apartments are not gated, no key cards, etc. The university exclaims that they have security.  But we all know how slow that is.  The man was later captured by police and identified as a six-time felon.

In other words, had these students NOT had a firearm, they might be dead corpses of which Campus security would be filing a police report for.  And for protecting their lives, the school wants to expel them – cause that’s “common sense”.




When is vigilante justice, justified?

Man looking for abducted cousin enters an abandoned house and shoots and kills her kidnapper. Sheriff’s department has thankfully ruled the shooting justified.


UPDATED:  Just to clarify, no this is not technically vigilante justice. Though some have described it as such.  But an actual felony was in progress, as such this was action taken to defend one’s self and/or family.  So even in the legal definition, it is not considered vigilantism.

Now, whether there are times more traditional vigilantism is justified is a subject for much debate.  But I do believe there are times when it is necessary.  But 99.8% of the time, you’re wrong.  And your actions will likely be seen as nothing but murder.  It is taking a lot into one’s own hands to be judge, jury and executioner. And most of the time within the confines of a stable society, that is frowned upon as criminal behavior. 

Outside of a civilized and ordered society, things become far mor gray. Why do we have a justice system? because, we as a society decided to put distance between the enraged victims and the perpetrator, to ensure that questions regarding whether the perpetrator in fact did the deed, and to what level of guilt they did so, are answered before any pronouncement is made. And that is a major part of why we have society today. And we truly don’t want to lose that…ever.


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Okay I am fairy supportive of open carry. I’m a strong 2nd Amendment supporter. I’m sure a few have their gripes with some of my views.

And I hate linking to a site like thinkprogress. But if that photo was taken at said event and is portraying it accurately. Than seriously folks YOU’RE FUCKING DOING IT WRONG ASSHOLES.

And please don’t give me any BS about open carrying. That one guy is kneeling in with rifle pointws forward – not slung. As far as I’m concerned this was brandishing.

This doesn’t build support for the 2nd Amendment. This undermines all the hard work the rest of us are doing.



NC Gunblog has given some insight into the photo over here.  The image he provided shows that part of what is going on is a photo angle. He shows that they were posing for a pic with the flag. And a disingenuous camera angle makes it look far more fearsome than it is. In fact, the individual in the front that looks as if he is brandishing, was likely just transitioning his rifle to the pose below. You can clearly tell both photos were taking within seconds of each other.

Rally Intimidation Rebuttal

But what does this mean? This means that our political enemies are hunting for anything they can use against us. And we need to be extremely careful not to give them any ammunition. They may have taken a 100 photos before they caught one that looked intimidating. But they still “got it”.

The top photo has three people, kneeling. One clearly looks like his hands on his rifle and not in a stowed/safe carry stance. Now, I can see in the second picture that he is pointing it down and safe. And perhaps the above photo was in fact a capture of him transitioning.

But the first photo sure as heck comes across like he is brandishing. And I am still of the opinion that if a rifle is to be open-carried. That it should be done so slung safely and not handled. When I open carry a pistol, I keep it stowed. I don’t fondle it unless I’m ready to use it. I am of the opinion that the same practices should be utilized with regards to rifles. While there are no holsters for rifles. Slings are the equivalent.

And this is one of the reasons why even within the gun community there is a lot of backlash against open carrying rifles. Because you give our enemies photo ops, which the media will more than gladly take advantage of.  No mainstream media rag will publish the bottom photo. But nearly all, even Fox, will be willing to publish the top and give an anti-gunner opportunity to write a damn article. Context is everything. And when we are given next to ZERO context in the media. We have to ensure that context is perceived clearly.  In this case, it was NOT.

When I served in the Coast Guard we had drilled into our heads that “perception” is 90% of the truth. That the truth is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is how your actions are perceived. And the perception of above photo does NOT aid our cause.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t open carry. I’m not even saying don’t open carry rifles. Though I think it is dubious as to whether it aids our present cause.  But I do believe that if you are going to open carry, be it a pistol or a rifle, your hands should really be off said unit unless you are intending to use it. It should be holstered or slung.

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3D Printed Metal 1911 – using laser sintering

“Solid Concepts is a world leader of 3D Printing services, and our ability to 3D Print the world’s first metal gun solidifies our standing. The gun is a classic 1911, a model that is at once timeless and public domain. It functions beautifully.”


Solid Concepts 1911

This is actually a manufacturing leap.  Not an at home type project, as my understanding is that laser sintering 3D printing machines are extremely expensive. But technology gets cheaper as it ages (unless it is a medical device under FDA regulation).  And the potential of this technology being affordable in 20-30 years is not an impossibility.

Metal production offers a lot of advantages over plastic, obviously. And this project appears more so to be used by a 3D laser sintering company to show how good the technology is; demonstrating the ability to produce a barrel that withstands high pressure, and the fine tolerances a 1911 pistol requires.

Either way, I find it rather exciting.

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