Why you need the right to protect yourself?

Thug on a cycle, the man hit by the SUV has multiple prior incidents of criminal behavior. A suspended license. Was arrested on possession of drugs and felony possession of a firearm.  And nearly all charges were dropped, and he was released with a year’s probation time.

It has been said that nearly 85% of crime is by repeat offenders. I wager that figure is even higher if you calculated for crimes against strangers (eliminating domestic abuse, murders amongst those who knew each other, etc).

But a serious problem is that our legal system is doing a piss-poor job of keeping criminals locked up. Which might be a large part of the inspiration of my prior post regarding Oakland, CA

I am pretty convinced that this was a bike gang initiation. And that they surrounded, harassed the SUV. Did a bumper bump which went wrong. Then started attacking the SUV.  My only question is why did the owner ever stop long enough for them to pull him and drag him out of the car.


As a commuter who commutes from a free state (PA) to a penitentiary state (MD) it is extremely frustrating. Because I am a firm believer that one should have the right to defend yourself while in the vehicle with your family. Pennsylvania agrees with me, Maryland does not. Guess which one I choose to pay my property taxes to?

If society truly truly wanted to save lives, we would ban parole and early release. If it saved just 1 life, how about 100…a 1,000 maybe even 10,000?

I would be a Franklin that the elimination of parole, early release programs and the fully prosecution of criminals (ie: you’re a violent convicted felon caught with cocaine and a prohibited gun go directly to jail, do not pass probation) would result in at least a 1,000 lives saved a year.  And I wouldn’t even be surprised if 10,000 lives could be saved a year.

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Crowdsourcing Police

UPDATE: Apparently the entire post I wrote got gobbled up somewhere in cyberspace. I’ll make a second attempt.


Oakland, California residents attempt crowdsourcing to hire people to protect them.

Some haved decried it as vigilantism. People are missing the irony. What do you think police officers are? Where do you think police receive their authority? Some strange woman in a lake passing out badges?

ALL authority derives from the inherent natural right to live and defend one’s self. Essentially, the issue comes about that humans are both passionate and fallable. So we have a tendency to make mistakes. And if you make such a mistake while meting out justic, it rather sucks.

So we ceded, for the benefit of our communal living states, that right to a collective authority. At first it was essentially sheriffs/constables/justices of the peace/elders/etc. These would judiciously decide a matter, and make a determination of guilt and a fair reparation.

As society grew, this authority needed to be further delegated and expanded. Hence more constables, and then eventually our modernized police force hired by a community at large to render service. In which regards, the actions of Oakland residents are in fact, no different than in the past.


Granted, we might see some objections from the unionized Oakland police against the non-union upstarts. Similar to a union painter complaining that the non-union painter got the job (because he was charging less and doing better work).

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At “Disney World”….

Now you know why it’s been so quiet as of late.



Had a great time with family and all. And nice to know Disney still supports toy rifles and revolves in the Pirates of the Carribean area, Indian Jones show and elsewhere. 


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What happens when you can’t “buy” a gun with a credit card?

Sound crazy?

Paypal already refuses such. What would happen if VISA/MasterCard followed suit? How many individuals are buying a $1,500 AR15 with ca$h from a gun shop?  

Its a frightening possibility, but one that could be very real in the future.  One we need to be ready to fight against. Don’t doubt this is an angle anti-gunners haven’t considered.


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Wait…I thought England doesn’t have gun crime?

Daughter of Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain held at gun point.  Thankfully no one was harmed. 

We often hear England touted as an example of the success of gun rights. But I argue it is not. Crime is still high. And if you look at the per capita number of firearms.  The gun crimes are extremely high for a society whose citizens do not have access to firearms.


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Police don’t come due to a lack of money…

Want to know why there is no funding for you police? And why our courts and prisons keep releasing violent criminals?  Look no further than to failing Detroit and California to see the flawed government policies.

Detroit shutting down hundreds of small businesses for permit violations.

California chasing after unregistered contractors.


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Unauthorized Journalist Questions Spin…

This is how we the “authorized journalists“…spin it!


Summary, article details DC’s strict gun laws mentioning that “Gun-rights advocates frequently suggest that tough gun laws don’t make people safer.”

Then the article says “In 2012, D.C. reported fewer than 100 homicides for the first time since 1963.” implying that DC’s strict gun laws have led to the homicide decline.

When in truth, if you were to point to a single change since 1963, one would have to note that the removal of DC’s gun ban was the most significant change in recent years, and perhaps in the past 40 years since the ban was put into effect.

But hey, speaking the truth is NOT a requirement, nor even an element of “authorized journalists“.

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Weapons Technology that Changed the World

Just some fun articles. You may or may not agree with ALL their choices. I think their failing to list aircraft is a big miss. But many I think we can agree with. 


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Wow…an honest positive article froom Bloomberg Businessweek

I wager this guy is now out of a job as soon as Mayor Bloomberg reads this article. But essentially, he’s calling BS on the myth that the NRA is all in the hands of the gun manufacturers.

He is pointing out that in fact, they’re a rather small component. And that it is truly the member base and grass roots that drive the NRA. And that often the NRA is more concerned about deflecting the real whacko’s then catering to gun manufacturers.


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DC Shooting….The ART of FACTS

The incident began around 8:20am at a Navy base.  The information was only exceeded by the misinformation. One shooter, two shooter, three shooter, more? 4 dead, a dozen dead?

It’s several hours later and we now have a known and dead suspect. I’m wagering the other suspected shooters were likely early law enforcement of military who quickly responded to a marked threat.

The question is, what do we know about the shooter?  Well there is a lot being tossed out, how much will boil down to truth – we don’t know.  But what is being reported is very insightful.

Claims & Rumors

– shooter had a concealed carry permit
– had a past arrest,  involving a a negligent discharge (perhaps intimidation of neighbor), not an arrest does not equate to a conviction
– Served in the Navy and then as a subcontractor
– may have lost his civilian job
– road rage incident where he shot out the tires of another vehicle
– had an anger filled blackout, and other anger management issues,
– may have suffered from PTSD (was this being treated?)
– dishonorably discharged after a “pattern of misconduct”

Huh wait, as far as I recall a dishonorable discharge results in an individual being a prohibited person.  Might I inquire as to how he was able to get a carry permit? let alone purchase and possess a firearm?

I expect the media to try to label him as one of us. But in most cases, the gun community does not advocate prohibited persons owning firearms and possessing carry permits.

Granted, none of this may be true. But if it is, than its really proof that the backgroun check system is an abyssmal failure.




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