What to expect at NRA Annual Meetings?

Opportunities to meet amazing people like two time Olympic gold medalist, four time medalist Kim Rhodes. 

I had the opportunity to briefly interview Ms. Rhodes regarding shotgun shooting sports. Meeting amazing competitors is just one of many activities that make the NRA Annual Meetings so enjoyable.

More info on shotgun sports:



Sporting Clays


See everyone in St. Louis tomorrow. The NUGUN Blog will begin it’s “live” coverage of the event. Follow us on Twitter


Interesting Aspects of the Debt Ceiling War

I agree with the vast majority, that the whole debt ceiling battle is merely a horse and pony show. They will huff, and puff, and raise it just like they always do. However, some rather interesting aspects have shown forth.

The Senate cancels 4th of July recess amongst claims that they shouldn’t go home with such a crisis on their hands. When everyone knows a single week is going to make very little difference on the matter – this is merely a political play to call a bluff – concede or lose your holiday.


But I find this statement involving the potential use of a “trump” card by the Executive branch to be even more interesting. Furthermore, it potentially has far more reaching consequences. An invocation of the 14th Amendment.

“The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”

“Even Geithner, at a Politico breakfast last month, whipped out a copy of the Constitution and read the 14th Amendment aloud. “This is the important thing -‘shall not be questioned,’ ” he said.”


The key question will be whether the debts are authorized by law or not.

The part I find =interesting is that they focus on the “shall not be questioned”. If they successfully argue their case and their interpretation of those words and their strength on such an issue. It will be much harder for justices to diminish the 2nd Amendment’s “shall not be infringed” clause.

Ruger SR-2011 … ???

Ruger has another announcement splash page. No word yet, so I guess we await later this morning.

I think I’m putting my money on a Ruger 2011. Perhaps a polymer framed 1911 even. Next bet would be an SR-45 but that does not seem to me revolutionary or “must buy”.

Now where Ruger could really take the cake is releasing the Ruger SR-2011 polymer 1911 platform. And releasing it in 9mm, 40S&W in addition to 45ACP.

Many will point to a gap in the .45ACP line for Ruger. I have a P-345, but many are looking for a striker fired DAO (double-action only) polymer gun.

But I’d wager if Ruger dropped the P-345 for a polymer based 1911 few would be disappointed. I do want to state that I very much like my P-345. I think it has one of the most comfortable grips. Guess we’ll find out in a dew hours.


UPDATE:  Interesting to note that the email campaign has “R20”, which would seem to fit quite well with my prediction of an “SR-2011”


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