You mean this one Sebastian?

Maybe That’s Why There Was a Black Helicopter

Photograph of a black military helicopter that did a fly over during the rally at the capitol. I view this as deliberate intimidation. While I am sure they would declare that it was merely a scheduled exercise. The timing and location makes that hard to believe. Seldom are exercises done directly over a capitol building.

Sebastian discusses the extremely peaceful 2nd Amendment Rally from April making it on Gov. Rendell’s terror watch list per this article.

To be frank, it’s crap like this that makes us not trust you .gov

Video of the Speakers at Pennsylvania 2A Rally

Watch it here…

Story on the rally, see it above, read it here….

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2nd Amendment Rally in Harrisburg, PA

A lot more news on the upcoming 2A-rally in PA. We’re hoping for this to be one of the larger Second Amendment rallies. So please come if you are able…

Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association (PAFOA) posted some great and detailed info.


Nationally Recognized Speakers

In addition to the fun of meeting with your peers and standing up for your rights, the rally will feature an amazing cast of speakers:

  • Daryl Metcalfe: State Representative
  • Stephen Halbrook: Nationally renowned 2nd Amendment Attorney
  • Larry Pratt: President, Gun Owners of America
  • John Sigler: President, National Rifle Association
  • Joe Tartaro: Executive Editor, Gun Week
  • Peggy Tartaro: Executive Editor, Women & Guns
  • Marinelle Thompson: National Coordinator, Second Amendment Sisters
  • Kim Stolfer: Chairman, Firearms Owners Against Crime
  • Melody Zullinger: Executive Director, PA Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs

Chance to WIN a Ruger LCP

What could be better than standing up for your rights? How about being automatically entered into a raffle for a brand new Ruger LCP just for showing up! Thanks to a generous donation, one lucky attendee will receive a certificate that can be redeemed at ACE Sporting Goods.

Promote the Rally