OMG…he has an arsenal of high-powered sniper rifle ammo

Well, or that’s about how the media would portray the arrival today of 800 rounds of surplus Czech 7.62x54r ammo for my Mosin-Nagant.

When it’d be far more accurate to say 800 rounds for an antique WWII bolt-action rifle similar to the average hunting rifle commonly used today.

The fact that the media always leans toward the frightful portrayal of arms at every turn does not necessarily mean they are biased. It’s quite possible their just greedy SOBs out to make a $$$ any way they can…even if it requries scaring the elderly and soccer moms.    That said, regardless of whether the motivation is from bias or greed.  I would term either a condition of poor character on the media’s part.

Also interesting is the box that arrived is labelled 7.62×59. At first I was very confused as my order was for x54r. But did find a thread talking about this surplus ammo from Czech.  Many presume it is the .308 (corrected thanks to Chris) but that is in fact 7.62×51 NATO.  Of further interest, one of the threads commenting has a mention by a poster of having purchased 800 rounds for $69 back in 2007.  Which is about 1/2 what I paid for it.  As a nu user of guns I hear tales of when just a few years ago you could buy a box of 9mm for $6-$8.  How times have changed.

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