How Guilty before Innocent Destroys Lives

There is an agency in America that has a very bizarre habit. It proclaims guilt before innocence, and seizes the most precious of things from people. Ironically, if you admit guilt they will return said precious items. Refuse to admit guilt (because of innocence) and you may never see the return of your precious.

This agency goes by many names, but essentially it’s Child Protection Services. The irony is if you admit abuse they will usually return your children and enroll you in one of their programs. This is what they want. They want admission and enrollment, because it validates the agency.

The sad irony is many children have been taken from good homes on “suspicions”, and then placed in horrible environments that lead to their death.

In this situation, the parents could not handle the loss of their child and the weight of accusations, threat of arrest, destruction of career, pushed the father to take his and his wife’s life. [As for those anti-gunners who would point to this as another example of why only the military and police should have guns. According to the article the O’Shells were both respected police officers.]

There is a reason that we have “innocent until proven guilty” as a foundation of our legal system.–abc-news-health.html

The sad irony is that when children and teens that are often abused try to report it to said agencies, they’re often returned to their abusive guardians. This is not to say that there isn’t a place for protecting children. But these agencies are Nazi-esque in how quickly they jump to conclusions and charges. And seizing peoples children when parents are innocent crosses the line of tolerance.

So to all those who think Zimmerman should be locked away or executed before he’s been tried and convicted. Realize that view destroys our nation and will lead to far worse abuses.

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Is America Safe? That DEPENDS…

Are you afraid of the big bad grandma? I’m not…but TSA seems to be petrified that such a woman, 95 yrs old and dying of cancer, might just be a terrorist.

So what made TSA so fearful? Why the 95 yr old in struggling health wears a Depends (diapers for adults) , and were unable to feel the old woman’s vagina. This terrified the TSA agents, and necessitated the 95 year old woman be moved to a protected area. She was forced to remove her diaper and travel without underwear for the entire flight so that TSA agents could ensure she was not carrying a weapon or a bomb in her vagina.

Is this the America we want for our children?

Please contact your representatives and say “enough is enough”, and please, do not vote for any politician who continues to support the TSA’s ridiculous policies.

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TSA Abuse Post

The following post will be updated as a log of ongoing TSA abuse.


Handicap child forced to remove leg braces and walk. Risking health and injury

Mother harassed over breast milk. Shows TSA workers the official TSA policies; which they ignore and harass her.

Because a little boy needs his penis played with by a TSA.

Maybe the government needs to apologize to the Catholic church as they’ve paid out nearly $2 billion for similar behavior.

More TSA strip search/groping of children…

TSA, make them cry like a little girl

TSA – if fear doesn’t make you piss your pants, the TSA will do it for you.

TSA – breast cancer victim? prove it…shows us your fake boob. Maybe we need a pink TSA logo for this one.
(Oh, did we mention she is an airline stewardess. So we trust this person to work on the airline, handle knives, etc. Just not wear a prosthetic.)

TSA forces woman to remove nipple piercing
& TSA’s statement to revise policy

TSA – Your technology is cooler than ours. No way that Macbook Air can be a laptop. “Do not pass thru. Do not catch your flight. We’re ignoramuses.”

Man goes through TSA with two 12″ razor blades….ooops!

Maybe this would make TSA happy. Sure hard to hide things while naked.

Oh wait, trying to make TSA’s job easier will just get you arrested

TSA sexually abuses Wesley Crusher
(Seriously though, if what happened to Wil Wheaton happened to your child by anyone but a TSA agent. You’d call 9-1-1 and be filing sexual abuse charges.)

TSA fears that a 95 year old elderly woman might be hiding a dangerous weapon or bomb up her vagina. Forces her to take off her Depends diaper.

TSA – we like to steal your stuff. Article details TSA worker stealing $5,000 and several other known incidents.
(Maybe TSA screeners should be forced to go through the screeners when they leave work.)


(Do something, contact your officials!)

DISCLAIMER: It can be hard to verify all of these. Most appear to be fact. If one of the cases is hoax, please let me know so I can remove it. If you are aware of another serious case of bad ethics and violation of our Constitutionally protected rights. Please comment below and I’ll add it to this post.

SWAT Gone Wild

In the past we have discussed concerns related to SWAT team actions, particularly those in Maryland, but in general as well. The growing tendency of SWAT actions that are unjustified, often in plainclothes, and which have a tendency to lead to the death of man’s four-legged friends.

REASON magazine has published (and is available online) a great article entitled “SWAT Gone Wild”. While there is very little included that has not already been covered within the gun blogger community. The article nicely consolidates a number of stories, providing an excellent summary of the problem.

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