Top Shot: Season 3

Just catching up with season 3. Some things I see have become a “trend” in Top Shot. Two groups seem to be targeted regardless of their performance. Others will do a worse job, but these two will often be selected over those worse performers.

1. Women are knocked off quickly. In this season several of the teammates mentioned the physical factor. While I am sure most can out bench press their female teammates. I am not so sure they can out-physically perform them in stamina and ability. Sure saw a few of those men struggling to climb those telephone poles in episode 1.

2. Funny, how the next group that is ALWAYS targeted is the young member. You’d think after Kelly Bachard showed up just about the whole first season that this would cease to be a de facto instinct to nail the young members of the team.

This kind of makes me want one of the next seasons of Top Shot to be “female only”. Bring back some of the past female contestants as well as some new ones. That’d make for a really fun show. And perhaps…just perhaps, get more women interested in watch the show.

Then maybe in season 6 or 7, we can do “Teen Top Shot”. Okay, that almost sounds silly…until I think of Kelly Bachard and what an amazing job he did on the show. Ironically, we’d probably see less drama with the teenagers than we do with the adults.


Interesting watching Sarah shoot, and noticed that she used the slide lock release. Which most instructors I’ve read and heard speak seem to discourage due to the loss of fine motor control during stressful scenarios.

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