Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of AK-47, dies at 94


A sign of a truly great design is that it outlasts its inventor. As great as the Ford Model T was, it’s life was but a few years. Even the VW Beetle, perhaps one of the longest running ageless designs saw its day.


But the AK-47 is still being manufactured and used today after nearly 6 decades. Also realize that the AK-47 is a “Generation 2” assault rifle. Meaning it followed shortly after the very first German models.

(This is akin to being a Motorola MicroTAC 9800X in the cell phone world.)

Motorola 2nd Gen

In 2009, Kalashnikov told CNN that two main qualities described the AK-47: simplicity and reliability.


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12 Best Designs from the Past 100 Years [And post #1,000 for the NUGUN Blog]


Yes, the Mac, iPod  and Vespa are on the list…

But #5 is the AK-47 “A beacon of economical design from the Soviet-era…”



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For the lovers of the AK

A film about war in Afghanistan. Chock full of AKs.

Oh, here’s the twist….it’s 1987, and details the Afghanista war from the Soviet Union perspective.  Looks quite interesting and well


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Mexico and guns

We’ve heard it touted, all of Mexico’s problems are due to American guns – the drug cartels, government corruption, etc not bearing any blame. We see photos of the hundreds and thousands of seized arms (including grenade’s – although I have yet to find a U.S. firearm dealer selling those).

Often we see the AR-15 touted as the problem American gun sold to Mexico drug cartels.

Today in Jaurez, Mexico there was a mass shooting. This was organized. Cars blocked the road and surrounded the home before forces raided the house killing 13 and injuring a dozen more. Over a 100 casings of 7.62×39 were found at the site. But I found this quote from the article most fascinating.

“The AK-47 — known in Mexico by its slang name of “cuerno de chivos,” meaning “goat’s horn,” in reference to the gun’s banana-shaped clip — is the weapon of choice for drug cartels.”

Not the U.S. made AR-15s, but rather the cheap, readily available from any black market, AK-47 is the weapon of choice. The rifle for which millions have been made available via former eastern bloc nations and China.  Available in bulk discounts from your local black market.

Frankly, I and many others, are convinced that the majority of AR-15s siezed by Mexican officials can probably be traced back to the same rifles the U.S. government sold to Mexican officials.

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Police Swarm Bungie’s Office (Makers of Halo video game)

A report of a person with an assault weapon walking near Bungie Studios sent a team of police swarming to the Kirkland, Washington studio yesterday afternoon.

The person who had thought they’d seen a gunman in the neighborhood had actually seen a Bungie employee carrying a replica Halo rifle back to the studio’s offices.

Recognizing there was no longer an emergency, officers advised Bungie officials to transport the gun more discretely in the future.


Of note, the article states the following:

“Kirkland police, contacted today for more details, said a passerby on their way to the local farmer’s market called 911 saying that they thought they saw someone walking down the street with an AK-47 about 4:20 p.m.”

This just typifies the hoplophobes tendency to label any “scary” weapon they see as an AK-47.

Looks a lot more akin to a Barret .50 BMG to me!

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