Mexico and guns

We’ve heard it touted, all of Mexico’s problems are due to American guns – the drug cartels, government corruption, etc not bearing any blame. We see photos of the hundreds and thousands of seized arms (including grenade’s – although I have yet to find a U.S. firearm dealer selling those).

Often we see the AR-15 touted as the problem American gun sold to Mexico drug cartels.

Today in Jaurez, Mexico there was a mass shooting. This was organized. Cars blocked the road and surrounded the home before forces raided the house killing 13 and injuring a dozen more. Over a 100 casings of 7.62×39 were found at the site. But I found this quote from the article most fascinating.

“The AK-47 — known in Mexico by its slang name of “cuerno de chivos,” meaning “goat’s horn,” in reference to the gun’s banana-shaped clip — is the weapon of choice for drug cartels.”

Not the U.S. made AR-15s, but rather the cheap, readily available from any black market, AK-47 is the weapon of choice. The rifle for which millions have been made available via former eastern bloc nations and China.  Available in bulk discounts from your local black market.

Frankly, I and many others, are convinced that the majority of AR-15s siezed by Mexican officials can probably be traced back to the same rifles the U.S. government sold to Mexican officials.

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What does a fully automatic AK cost?

The Firearm Blog has an interesting article regarding Russia’s gripes on being undersold in AK manufacturing. Good read…

But I latched onto this one quote…

“The Russians stated that the “Arsenal” production was undercutting the gun prices on international tenders citing as example a 2003 tender for the supply of 40,000 sub-machine guns for the Iraqi army for USD 65 each won by Arsenal and lost by the Russian “Kalashnikov” manufacturer.”

Correct me if I am wrong, but did that just state that the price from manufacturer for a brand new fully automatic AK is a mere $65.  (And they’re asking $600 for the semi-auto versions here in the states these days.)

Bulk purchase order anyone?

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