What to expect at NRA Annual Meetings?

Opportunities to meet amazing people like two time Olympic gold medalist, four time medalist Kim Rhodes. 

I had the opportunity to briefly interview Ms. Rhodes regarding shotgun shooting sports. Meeting amazing competitors is just one of many activities that make the NRA Annual Meetings so enjoyable.

More info on shotgun sports:



Sporting Clays


See everyone in St. Louis tomorrow. The NUGUN Blog will begin it’s “live” coverage of the event. Follow us on Twitter

Follow-up on AZ restaurant carry

Back in May I blogged about attending the NRA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.  I had a blast, however I had a number of gripes related to Arizona’s restriction on carry in any location that served alcohol (which included most of the the restaurants downtwon).

A proposed law would have allowed Arizona residents and guests with recognized permits to carry in restaurants that served alcohol.  The news is that it has passed the house. Congratulations to Arizonans.


I do wonder what affect the attendance of thousands of NRA members had on Arizona. I know that I contacted numerous Arizona officials regarding my experiences on this matter. I imagine many others did as well.  For those wondering what the NRA accomplishes, I believe this is but one example of the affect of the NRA.

H/T to Snowflakes in Hell

UPDATE: Passed the senate and is headed to the governor.


More NRA Annual Meeting Coverage and Videos from Cowboy Blob







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“Rise of the Gun Bloggers”

NSSF’s May 19th issue of Bullet Points Newsletter included the following: 

“Bloggers outnumbered national reporters at the NRA’s 138th annual convention in Phoenix, according the Christian Science Monitor, whose story highlighted the growing influence of pro-gun bloggers: the often irreverent, always passionate “new media” scribes who provide an alternative viewpoint to mainstream media. Even Josh Sugarmann of the anti-gun Violence Policy Center had to hand it to the pro-gun bloggers, saying, “If you compare the pro-gun activity in the blogosphere versus the pro-gun-control activity, the scales have just tipped tremendously in their favor.” Many bloggers in Phoenix attended the 2nd Annual Second Amendment Blog Bash to compare notes and learn to how to further extend the reach of their messages. Read more in NSSF’s blog, Aiming for Accuracy.”

Christian Science Monitor article  “A rifle in one hand, a laptop in the other”

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Blogger Meet

Here we all are at T.G.I. Friday’s at Diamondback’s stadium.  Quite a few people, too many to list. But the gentleman the black suit jacket with light blue shirt and striped tie is none other than Dick Heller (as in vs. DC).


Enjoy…we’re off to bed!


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