I seem to have lost a pallet of AR15s

Shipping warehouse apparently loses an entire pallet of AR15’s (63 rifles) being shipped from Colt in Connecticut.  The sheriff’s list the value of the rifles at $800 each. 


OKAY, anyone else know where I can get a Colt AR rifle for a mere $800?

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Ruger SR-762

Ruger has just announced a variant of their SR-556 design, now built around and chambered for the NATO 7.62/.308 cartridge.

Ruger SR-762


I’m kind of excited, and here is why…

When the SR-556 came out. I really liked it. I liked the lines and configuration and the piston action (always debatable).  There was one draw back, it’s not a standard AR. And one of the biggest selling points of the AR is that it is universal, replacement parts are available from hundreds of manufacturers.  Perhaps why it is the proverbial SHTF rifle, along with the Glock being the proverbial SHTF pistol. They are just so ubiquitous. So while I really liked it. I decided it probably makes more sense for me to first purchase a base AR15.

That said, I long thought that the SR-556 had an interesting potential not realized. The originall SR-556 could be set to a single-shot, non-reloading state. In order to hunt deer in PA, the rifle must be both of a significant cartridge and a single-shot action. I had long thought that were they to offer a replacement “hunting” piston that only allowed the action to be a single non-reloading shot, and were to offer it in a larger cartridge such as the .308 then Ruger’s AR system would make for a superb AR based hunting rifle platform.

Ruger has resolved one aspect of that idea, and the second one I wager would be fairly easy to do.

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In the Holiday News

Pennsylvania Hunter Education – Sebastian has a recent post on the matter.

I find this interesting as I am one who is interested in hunting. I even know a couple of people who’d take me out hunting. And in fact, I just met with both my State Senator and State Representative, and this was one of the main issues I discussed with them.

I want to experience hunting but have not as of yet. You see, I have been unable to get a permit. Having been held back by a requirement to take a Hunter Education Class. I have no problem with the idea of taking such a class. In fact, I actually WANT to take a class. But there is a severe lack of availability of the required Hunter Ed classes. Every time I check for classes they are either over 2 hours away, or already full. The result is two years have passed by and I have not experienced the tradition of hunting. The common solution proposed by nearly every one is to just go “Buy a permit” as the odds of being asked about one’s course is slim.

So what are the possible solutions? I provided two solutions to this situation:

SOLUTION 1: Implement a “Mentoree” hunting permit. This would be similar to youth being allowed to hunt. With a Mentoree permit you could only hunt in the company of an individual who had a full hunting permit. I believe this would provide a reasonable remedy. I am not looking to hunt on my own, heck, I wouldn’t even know what to do with a deer after I shot it. I “WANT” to be mentored.

SOLUTION 2: Update the Pennsylvania Game Commision site to provide some added resources. Provide a request form, then PA could email those signed up with alerts to classes in their area. Or at the bare minimum, provide an RSS feed.

Fixing the State Police Problems – Sebastian covering Tom Corbett’s replacing the old State Police Commissioner (who was working with MAIG) with a new appointee from the Attorney General’s officer. One who is hopefully more supportive of our RTKBA.

Ruger to offer SR-556 uppers

Originally, I was quite fascinated with the SR-556. I would still love to get one as it is one of the more attractive ARs IMHO. However, I’ve toyed with the idea of the SR-556 in 6.8 SPC; and putting together a hunting rifle. In Pennsylvania there are minimum caliber requirements (at least for Elk, and I think I recall seeing it for deer as well). There is also a requirement that the center-fired rifle be manually operated. One of the modes of the SR-556 allows for that. But would not be legal as it is variable. However, my hope would be to acquire a 2nd piston from Ruger that only offers the manual operation.

Mexico and guns

We’ve heard it touted, all of Mexico’s problems are due to American guns – the drug cartels, government corruption, etc not bearing any blame. We see photos of the hundreds and thousands of seized arms (including grenade’s – although I have yet to find a U.S. firearm dealer selling those).

Often we see the AR-15 touted as the problem American gun sold to Mexico drug cartels.

Today in Jaurez, Mexico there was a mass shooting. This was organized. Cars blocked the road and surrounded the home before forces raided the house killing 13 and injuring a dozen more. Over a 100 casings of 7.62×39 were found at the site. But I found this quote from the article most fascinating.

“The AK-47 — known in Mexico by its slang name of “cuerno de chivos,” meaning “goat’s horn,” in reference to the gun’s banana-shaped clip — is the weapon of choice for drug cartels.”

Not the U.S. made AR-15s, but rather the cheap, readily available from any black market, AK-47 is the weapon of choice. The rifle for which millions have been made available via former eastern bloc nations and China.  Available in bulk discounts from your local black market.

Frankly, I and many others, are convinced that the majority of AR-15s siezed by Mexican officials can probably be traced back to the same rifles the U.S. government sold to Mexican officials.

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Man carries AR-15 to townhall protest…

CNN has video a video, which includes a brief interview with the individual who carried the AR-15.  This is the first video I’ve seen that actually gave the individual a chance to speak.


The video includes another 4-5 minutes of debate. Which can be a bit grueling at times. A lot of the usual soundbites.  The one advocate does a fair job holding his own, but makes a few concessions I would not have. But that’s to be expected when they pit three opposing pundits against one advocate.  Not quite fair and balanced…


Recently someone asked whether I thought this incident helped or harmed gun rights.  My feelings on this are rather mixed.  I believe it both helped and harmed.  For some it harmed and pushed away, and gave them some good sound bites.  But there is evidence that this particular situation actually helped.

You see, I believe this situation completely caught the media off-guard.  Usually, whenever such an event occurs the media resorts to right wing extremist, Nazi, white supremacist, militia statements.  Except in this case the individual carrying the AR-15 was a black gentleman.  This fact seemed to cut out much of the media’s usual rhetoric.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say the media was a bit afraid of this event and unsure of how to handle it.  The result is that many of the first articles I saw didn’t even show a picture of the man. Just the AR15 strapped to his back.   It’d be a couple of days after hearing about this incident that I finally saw a video on CNN.com that including a brief interview with the man involved.

But why do I consider this a victory?  Because it was one of the only times I’ve read a media article about guns that used proper terms like semi-automatic rifle, instead of referring to it as an automatic or assault weapon.  Even CNN seemed to tread a bit more lightly.  The individual’s actions were a blatant testimony to the fact that our 2nd Amendment right is for everyone.  Both of those facts combined lead me to feel that we broke even or even came out slightly ahead on this incident.  And when taken in light of the fact that our cause seldom wins or breaks even in the media’s coverage – then I say this is a win.  I am sure others will disagree with me. Heck, I’ll disagree with me to a degree.

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Ruger announces SR-556 (AR)

Go to Ruger.com for more info

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Off-Topic: AR-15 versus the latest modular shooting system…

The AR is lauded for being a feature rich modular shooting system with a large range of adaptibility.  It’s probably considered by many to be the forefront of modular shooting…until now!!!

The world’s premier modular shooting system

(a little nod to my other shooting hobby)

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Looming AWB, Gun Control, etc – The Gun Community needs a new way to buy!

I was thinking about this. I would “love” to buy an AR, and even a 50BMG. But I can’t afford to buy such at this time. I really do not want to put them on a credit card. Okay, being honest – I don’t think that will float with the Mrs.

But it got me thinking. With the potential of gun bans, there may be a solution we’ve not considered for securing our rifles (and for the likes of Colt and other manufacturers to earn some additional $$$).

So here’s my idea…

If I were Colt or one of the handful of companies making BMG’s. I would do the following (if legal):

– Sell the firearm after a credit check. However, only a deposit is taken.

– But the firearm is transferred into your ownership. Firearm xxx-xxxx-xx serial # is now yours. However, you still owe the manufacturer the remaining balance.

– Instead of shipping the firearm, a small storage & insurance fee is charged. Said rifle remains stored until completion of payment.

This would facilitate the purchase of firearms now, for those who are not financially ready. (ie: I planned to buy one in the next 2-4 yrs, but the political scene will now likely make that infeasible.)

Perhaps an alternative is that you receive a particular part for the rifle (the lower for an AR, and whatever is the serialed part of a .50 BMG). That would be received upon placing one’s deposit. When it’s paid off, the rest of the parts are mounted.

I don’t know all the ins-and-outs of the legal system. But if the above were legal, I think it’d be a great way to garner sales. While immediate financial profits would not be seen, the resulting revenue would show over the following 2-4 yrs.

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