Cavalry Arms owner pleads guilty!

For those unaware of Cavalry Arms. They manufactured a polymer lower for the AR platform. Providing a very lightweight lower.  They’ve been essentially under-siege by the BATFE for approximately two years.

The owner, Vincent, stated that 90% of the goverment’s original case was dismissed. The final contention is a charge that the owner knowingly sold firearms to an out-of-state resident – in California.

Most of the articles I read online provided little info and declared how such illegal sales are almost always used in crimes, etc.

The following article is one of the only ones I have read that gives any counter-point or details on the matter.

Apparently, the firearms sold to the resident of California were actually stored in Arizona with the firearms dealer.

For those unaware of the situation in California. It has become a little bit ridiculous. Massive restrictions on firearm ownership, approved firearm lists that can limit a purchase based on color, and police officers who believe they should be shooting law abiding citizens for trying to preserve their 2nd Amendment rights.

It’s quite probably that many of the firearms purchased were not on the approved California list. To give you an idea on just how restrictive this list is.  I just googled and found a link to the roster. There are only 1300 approved pistols on the list, a drop in the bucket when compared to the thousands and thousands of different models. To a collector, it’s like saying you can collect the Yankees but not Red Sox baseball cards.

Frankly, I am of the opinion that if a firearm is not allowed to be in your state. You should still have the right to own and store that property where it is legal.  But I am of a lot of opinions that California residents are getting close to justifying a lot of things.

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Follow-up on AZ restaurant carry

Back in May I blogged about attending the NRA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.  I had a blast, however I had a number of gripes related to Arizona’s restriction on carry in any location that served alcohol (which included most of the the restaurants downtwon).

A proposed law would have allowed Arizona residents and guests with recognized permits to carry in restaurants that served alcohol.  The news is that it has passed the house. Congratulations to Arizonans.

I do wonder what affect the attendance of thousands of NRA members had on Arizona. I know that I contacted numerous Arizona officials regarding my experiences on this matter. I imagine many others did as well.  For those wondering what the NRA accomplishes, I believe this is but one example of the affect of the NRA.

H/T to Snowflakes in Hell

UPDATE: Passed the senate and is headed to the governor.

Blogger Meet

Here we all are at T.G.I. Friday’s at Diamondback’s stadium.  Quite a few people, too many to list. But the gentleman the black suit jacket with light blue shirt and striped tie is none other than Dick Heller (as in vs. DC).


Enjoy…we’re off to bed!

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