What to Expect when you’re Expecting

Also known as the media advocacy policy…


For the next few months, expect any incident of gang violene, murder, etc that utilizes a firearm and involves more than two people to be “front paged”. 

Just today there was an article on a police officer killing his family in Vegas, a second about what sounds like a gang related shooting in a Texas community college. The truth is if there are 8,000 non-self inflicted firearm deaths a year. I am concerned that the news media will begin covering every shooting they can, just to keep guns on the front page until they get what they want.

One does not see them taking similar action with automobile accidents, or even drunk driving. They are digging for headlines. And it affronts me that the media is our #1 enemy in this fight.  The agency that should be most vocal and fighting for liberty.  I’d be content if they even just took a balanced approach, allowing our supporters to provide our arguments.  But that’s not the case, they are wholly and actively working for a cause.  And that is frustrating – but nothing we didn’t already know.

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Journal News Capitulates

CNN reports the Journal News is taking down their online map showing the names and home addresses of NY permit holders.

This after a huge public outcry, and two houses on the map robbed.


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