Through the House and Into the Senate (Castle Doctrine)

It’s been a long struggle to see H.B. 40 freed from committee and brought up to vote. The bill was overwhelmingly supported, with a 159-38 vote.

We still have a lot of work to do. We now need the Senate to pass their version of the Castle Doctrine.  Then after that, the bill will have to go before the governor. Do we expect Mr. Rendell to do anything other than veto this bill?  So we are likely to find ourselves back into the House for a majority or awaiting a new more friendly governor  named Tom Corbett.

People talk about bi-partisanship, this is a bi-partisan issue!  Those votes include tremendous numbers of both Republicans and Democrats.  But I want to take issue with some partisan politics as presented by this article.

QUOTE: “Smith’s motion to “call the previous question” prevented amendments from being considered, and led immediately to a vote without debate. The rarely used procedural move drew complaints from Democrats.”

Clearly, that should be “from [some] Democrats” as many Democrats supported this bill. Second, I’ve seen so many rare procedural methods utilized by the Democrat Party over the years that frankly, I think this is merely calling the kettle black.

Now onto the most relevant quote of partisanship.

“Whether you’re for this or against it, there should be no fear in having a thorough discussion of the issues,” said Majority Leader Todd Eachus, D-Luzerne. “Using this motion as a way of silencing all debate is not healthy for the collision of differences in this commonwealth.”

Well let’s address Todd’s comment.  How much discussion of the issues would he like? How about 2 years of discussion. That’s far more than the few days we’ve gotten on numerous pieces of legislation and stimulus. I mean, Nancy Pelosi said we need to vote first than discuss later.

Todd, this bill has sat undiscussed in committees for over a year. If there is no fear of discussion. Then why was this bill held up for so long without being giving time of day – both in committee and on the floor?

This brings me to my final counter-point. There is much to be feared of discussion. When the discussion is not a dialog but merely a delaying tactic.

My I quote what may have been the worst Star Wars movie, but one of the most accurate quotes of all time…

I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die while you discuss this invasion in a committee!

Sir, your postulation of discussion is well known to us to merely equate to finding a means to delay and prevent. So yes, there is much fear in discussion that you would simply find some technical or procedural reason to keep this bill from being voted into a reality.  The bill was created, it should get a vote. That’s how our system works.  The fact that we’ve layered onto that system a multitude of committees and procedures geared to aiding the massive political system is quite a tragedy in many regards. But members of that system, particularly a majority leader of such system. Should not try to BS his constituents with such hogwash statements.  We’re not stupid. We understand exactly what you are doing and saying.

And frankly, (give me  a moment to step off my 2nd Amendment Bandwagon and step onto my Tea Party podium). We’re sick of pretentious conniving politicians treating their constituents as if we’re stupid.  Keep doing so and you’ll be voted out sir, with the whole lot of them.

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