Rorschach, Gun Lobby vs Bloomberg Lobby, NJ Sucks, 1st & 2nd in 3D

NRA Rorschach Test

Gotta give the NRA store some credit for their most recent email advertisement. I usually just delete. But the whole “NRA Rorschach Test” caught my attention. Cute and fun. Good job NRA, I didn’t buy anything, but I actually stopped to look. 


We need more creativity and wit like if we are going to continue winning this fight.


NJ Boy in picture with AR22.  Result, police and youth services are sent to harass and threaten family. (Who were thankfully smart enough not to let any of them in.)

There is a reason NJ is the armpit of America.

Today’s QOTD per a discussion on 3D printing of firearms:
“1st Amendment + 2nd Amendment = Right to Print Arms”
I love it!!!!
(Derived from this poorly written article that was posted to Slashdot)


Know your enemy….

That super powerful rich monstrous gun lobby the media is always talking about, you know the one.  The one that donated like $10-$15 million to the NRA last year (out of the $225+ million in revenue the NRA generate). 

So should we begin referring to the evil Bloomberg Lobby? A single man who has donated a nearly equivalent amount to anti-gun organizations as all the firearm manufacturers have donated to the NRA over the past few years.

Really, why isn’t the media talking about how so much of this gun debate is fueled by a single man and his millions of dollars in donations versus several million Americans and their donations of a $10-$20 dollars?
More info…
VPC touts blood money, portrays the NRA as funded by the “gun manufactures”, who since 2005 have donated between $15-$40 million.   So lets divide those numbers by 7 years. That’s approx. $2-$5.5 million a year from gun manufacturers.  The NRA revenue was $227 million in 2010 (probably more this year).  So gun manufacturers are contributing a whopping 1%-2% of the NRA’s revenue.

Even anti-gun had to call false on the NRA salaries paid by guns. And as Factcheck shows, the NRA revenue for 2010 was $227 million.

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Bloomberg gets over-turned…may this always be true…

No, it’s not about guns. This 32 isn’t a caliber but an ounce.  But thankfully, the courts have deemed Mr. Bloomberg to be capricious (well at least his legislation). And I’d have to say, I agree.

Seriously, is it not one’s right to kill themselves with Oreos, Big Macs and large Cokes?–politics.html

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One way to beat the NRA…

The anti-gunners want to form a group that spends $2 for every $1 the NRA spends. First off, what this means is soliciting more billionaires like Mama Bloomberg.  Because there is no way they can raise the funds through grass-roots (see Exhibit A: Brady Campaign).

Second, it means we need to donate. I usually make my funds through various activites, raffles, Friends of the NRA banquet. But I think it may be time for a nice flat $100 donation to the NRA-ILA.

So I’m going to make a little offer here, if anyone makes a $100 donation or greater to the NRA between now and the end of March. I will post to my sidewall either a link to your business (if you’re a business owner), or if you’d like a memorial tribute to loved one, or any other similar display that we warrant to be acceptable for the blog – and I will keep it there for the whole of 2013.

Email for more details (namely, send a copy of a donation receipt, etc)

Perhaps NYC Mayor Bloomberg should clean his own laundry…

"Five active and three retired officers of the New York Police Department are among 12 people charged Tuesday with conspiring to transport and distribute firearms and stolen goods, according to federal authorities."
Those involved moved over a million dollars in contraband and illegal goods - including firearms.  Yet Mayor Bloomberg seems to feel that the limiting of the rights of Pennsylvanians will somehow make NYC safe. When those he has hired to keep his city safe are the one's who in fact are endangering his city. So Mr. Bloomberg, how about you wash your own dirty laundry. Rather than sticking your nose in other people's states.
- N.U.G.U.N.

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4 down, 2 permanently…but…

4 men enter a Harlem store. The NY Times article notes that the business had been robbed several times before, despite the fact that his shop is around the corner from a police precinct.

The owner, 72 yr old Charles Augusto Jr. fired 3 shots with the Winchester 12 gauge pump action shotgun (with a pistol grip handle). Normally, the NY Times would describe this as an assault shotgun. But even the NYT had trouble finding a way to spin this negatively.

The first shot took down the gunman in the front. While his subsequent blasts hit the other three accomplices.

But the next tidbit is what really ruffled my feathers. [The shooter] was 29 and had been arrested for gun possession in Queens last year.  (He was also the nephew of a police officer.) What I want to know is WHY are we releasing criminals with prior gun possession charges back onto the streets in less than a year.

Perhaps it’s to give NYC Mayor Bloomberg something to wine about. Of course, it’s his type of mentality that results in the next statement.

“A law enforcement official said that the district attorney was considering a possible misdemeanor weapons charge against Mr. Augusto, indicating that he did not have a permit for the shotgun.”

PS – Dear NY Times, why do you waste time giving us the boo-hoo’s of the family of the criminals.  These men died, but they died in the act of committing a crime.