Bush only worse…. see some friends on the left having doubts

This White House has been horrible at transparency. In 2010, in more than a third of the requests for public records, the Obama administration didn’t provide any information. In fact, the administration has released fewer recordsunder the Freedom of Information Act than were released during the George W. Bush administration. 


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Congratulations President Obama on your Second Term

From now on, the economy is the fault of the president who served the last term, yes, that would be YOU!!!!!

No more blaming the last president Mr. Obama. You served an entire term. Anything thus first that is blamed on Bush I am going to tell to go screw !@$%

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Ramos & Compean Sentences Commuted by President Bush

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While I would have liked to have seen an actual pardon. (Or at least a declaration of a miss-trial and the two officers given a fresh start at the hearing.) This at least gets them home with their families.

It has been one of the personal sticking points with me and the Bush administration.  I am glad to see these two men who really did nothing more than a paperwork/clerical mistake, will return to their loved ones.

Their crime of “keeping our families safe from drug traffickers” while not forgiven will at least cease to keep them incarcerated.  There have only been a few incidents in which I’ve had to question whether the need for the People to rise up existed. This was one of them.  When a judge refuses to allow testimony that would alter case dynamics, and the result of a prosecuting attorney mis-applying law and misleading the jurors results in two law enforcement officers receiving harsher sentences than drug dealers.  All on the basis of a said drug dealers testimony. One that must preclude the reasonable assumption that a drug trafficker with 1/2 a ton of illegal drugs driving around Mexico would not do so unarmed.

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