2nd (Amendment) Trip to Starbuck’s

So I still had a few $2 bills burning in my pocket and decided I’d make a second trip to Starbuck’s. After both the wife and each took a trip to Starbuck’s this morning. It was late. Bedtime was near. So I went with something decaffeinated (passion fruit / lemonade ice tea).

All in all we spend around $20 and I left $6 in tips for the worker’s themselves.



On a concerned note, I’ve seen a number of Starbucks photos with coffee and guns. Please let those have been taken on your own counter tops at home.  We don’t want to be whipping our pistols out in public. Pistols should be kept holstered in public unless needed. Just a friendly reminder. Especially for those newer to the gun world who might not yet be aware of pistol etiquette.

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