#nraam Are you an RFO?

Responsible Firearm Owner (RFO)




  • Increasing awareness
  • Watch their body language
  • Watch the eyes

“Awareness Indicators”

Choose today to be a ‘victim’ or ‘victor’?

First thing dropped is a purse. Gun in car does no good when pumping gas. Keeping on body is best availability.

Learn to utilize your weak hand for common tasks.

“Holster most important piece of equipment for carry.” More so than even the type of gun.

Family training time…

Body shielding – keeping gun side away from you.

Personal space – maintain it. Arm’s distance is your safety space.

Learn how to use it with applied handicaps. Finger not working. Off hand.

3 Reasons for Failure
1. owners performance
2. weapon failure
3. gear ineffectiveness



Thoughts on holsters. Back straps not for security, merely to retain during active movement.

Practice various positions for drawing. Including sitting, prone, in a car seat,any position you usually are in OR might be forced in.

“Life in imminent immediate danger.”

Recommend Books by Dave Grossman:
On Combat
On Killing
“Bulletproof Mind” (video presentation)


This session included an immense amount of information and insight; both myself and my assistants (my 15 year old nephews) found this to be one of the highlights of our attendance at the 2012 NRAAM.  If you have the opportunity to take Dave Young’s session at a future NRA Annual Meeting – do so.



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Right to Carry in Nationarl Parks Re-Restored!

“President Obama signed a bill on Friday that makes it tougher for credit card issuers to raise fees and interest rates….The law also includes an unrelated measure allowing people to carry guns into national parks.”




What is really nice is that the legislation has the potential to be better than the original executive policy change that President George W. Bush enacted.  So the gun control groups (ie: Brady and folk), may have actually lost yardage on this issue.  Some have noted that the new legislation simply applies the states laws to carry and not just conceal carry. So in places like Arizona and Pennsylvania we may have gained open carry as well.

However, I have heard that there are some differences in wording between the Senate and House versions. And we’ll have to see how those are hashed out.

I am not sure when it actually goes into effect, but it’s a nice win for us. For an area that was supposed to be politically dead. We’re sure doing well…

– DC vs Heller Win
– 9th Circuit (yes, those left coast folks) incorporate DC vs Heller
– Restoration of right to carry in National Parks

Hopefully we’ll see a national carry right win not too far down the road. And be able to keep them afraid enough NOT to bring back an AWB.


Additional info from Senator Tom Coburn’s website

More details on the wording of the amendment.



Per Snowflakes in Hell it looks like we have to wait until February 22nd, 2010 to enjoy our rights.

NRA-ILA Statement here

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Bill introduced to allow carry in National Parks

Preservation of the Second Amendment in National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges Act

A bill to preserve the rights granted under second amendment to the Constitution in national parks and national wildlife refuge areas.

S. 816


Some additional commentary on the bill…