Eddie Eagle Program (Success!!!)

The NRA has a program called Eddie Eagle, it instructs children on what to do if they come across a firearm: stop, don’t touch, get an adult, etc.  It’s similar to the numerous “9-1-1, fire – stop, drop and roll”  & “wear your seatbelt” type seminars taught in schools across the country.

Sadly, many opponents of the 2nd Amendment  and firearms often oppose the entrance of the Eddie Eagle program into schools – especially in urban, inner-city schools.  The sad irony is that particular school demographic is probably where programs like Eddie Eagle are most needed.

The following news article (H/T PAGunblog.com) details an account of a 5th grader discovering a North American Arms .22 Magnum pistol.  He followed what he had learned from the Eddie Eagle program. The result, no one was hurt or injured.  That is the success that the Eddie Eagle program was created for.


For more information on the Eddie Eagle program (including how to get videos, booklets, and more)


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The Racist Shooting No One is Really Talking About

Toulouse shootings in France – on March 11, Mohammed Merah began his one man war with France and the west.

First killing a French soldier (who also was Muslim), then he killed two more soldiers. At least his first choices were military targets, I’ve expressed in the past my views on the legitimacy of military targets. The Pentagon was and is a valid target in wartime. However, the third attack went somewhere that sent chills down the spine of the nation, and the world.

Mohammed Merah drove up to a Jewish Day school and shot a killed a Jewish man and two sons, then chased down a 7 year old girl picked her up by her hair and assassinated her at point blank range. The attack was clearly racially and religiously motivated. And perhaps one of the most heinious events witnessed in recent years.

Article at JWeekly

It is such a heart breaking issue. And to be honest, it touches a fiber in my being. When I look at Miriam Monsonego’s photo. I don’t want Mohammed Merah to be dead. That was far too easy for the crime. We have a law against cruel and unusual punishment, but when it comes to such cold and deliberate crimes against children my definition of cruel and unusual does not reach a point of finiteness. Were he tied to a table and tortured continually day after day, I would not consider that cruel or unusual punishment for such a crime.

Call me immoral and I’ll simply respond with one word “Daddy”.

The claim is that this was all done in the name of the children of Palestine. But if we kill children for children, we end up a childless race destined for doom. Taking the life of a child does not bring back the life of another child.

But little does Mohammed Merah realize he has accomplished the exact opposite of his goal. Rather than me being motivated for the Palestinian cause, I am reminded that the Jewish people have been hunting down and brutally murdered everywhere they’ve lived. That they have no escape.

In America we had another recent tragedy that left me outraged. A group of young men entered a house, murdered an Iraqi woman and mother of five and left a racist note. This should not have happened, not in my country. And I hope these culprits are caught and hung. But When I compare the situated, I must conclude that were America society to plummit to an anti-Iraqi state akin to Naz Germany, there is still a nation of Iraq, and numerous other Muslim nations for which Iraqi Americans could flee too.

This is not the case for Jews, or was not, until 1948. They have a long history of unique and peculiar persecution. Oft because of mis-guided religious beliefs that laid the blame of Christ’s death on the Jews – rather than recognizing that Christ himself and all the apostles were Jewish. Yes, Israel takes actions which I feel can be over-the-top and extreme. But acts like Mohhamed Merah’s reminds me why they do that. They’ve been cornered into a wall the size of New Jersey, surrounded by enemies, they have no where safe. And there are ZERO other Jewish states they can flee too. Palestinians are surrounded by Muslim states that share a commonality of beliefs – the Jewish people, not so much. As such, their focus on self-defense has been raised to a very heightened level.

It is also interesting to note that Israel’s understanding of such crimes is not to disarm, but to be armed themselves so as to protect themselves.

Lastly, Mohammed reminds me that the Palestinian cause is led by insane people. When you murder children in the name of murdered children, but then are okay with using a child as a bomb….what is there for me to understand about you?

What most leaves me bothered about this incident is the fact that I am not seeing article after article by Muslim scholar and news reporter condemning this. I do not see any statement on CAIR’s website denouncing the deed. If there are moderate Muslims, (and I do believe there are), they need to be vocal about denouncing Mohammed Merah and his actions. Vocal within their communites and vocal publicly. Yes the are Muslims who are denouncing these tragic events, but there needs to be much more outcry. [Put this in perspective with the Trayvon Martin case, in which the New Black Panthers made calls seemingly advocating potential violence, the vast majority of the black community has come out against such calls.]

So congratulations Mohammed Merah, rather than aiding the Palestinian cause, you just pushed it back farther; you’ve affirmed me that the Jewish people without a doubt need a place to call their own.

“already committed certain infractions, some with violence,”

Western tendency is to be soft on violent criminals. The result is that they often engage in further and more excessive violent action.

[Editor’s Note: This post is likely to be one of my more controversial posts, some may consider it inflammatory. I apologize if you view it that way. But this is how and what these events make me feel. This incident has been on my mind and heart for a few weeks. I just couldn’t really talk about it. Ever since I saw that picture of little Miriam. The world lost a beautiful smile and France lost a national treasure.]

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TSA Abuse Post

The following post will be updated as a log of ongoing TSA abuse.


Handicap child forced to remove leg braces and walk. Risking health and injury

Mother harassed over breast milk. Shows TSA workers the official TSA policies; which they ignore and harass her.

Because a little boy needs his penis played with by a TSA. http://www.thebredafallacy.com/2010/11/okay-tsa.html

Maybe the government needs to apologize to the Catholic church as they’ve paid out nearly $2 billion for similar behavior.

More TSA strip search/groping of children…

TSA, make them cry like a little girl

TSA – if fear doesn’t make you piss your pants, the TSA will do it for you.

TSA – breast cancer victim? prove it…shows us your fake boob. Maybe we need a pink TSA logo for this one.
(Oh, did we mention she is an airline stewardess. So we trust this person to work on the airline, handle knives, etc. Just not wear a prosthetic.)

TSA forces woman to remove nipple piercing
& TSA’s statement to revise policy

TSA – Your technology is cooler than ours. No way that Macbook Air can be a laptop. “Do not pass thru. Do not catch your flight. We’re ignoramuses.”

Man goes through TSA with two 12″ razor blades….ooops!

Maybe this would make TSA happy. Sure hard to hide things while naked.

Oh wait, trying to make TSA’s job easier will just get you arrested

TSA sexually abuses Wesley Crusher
(Seriously though, if what happened to Wil Wheaton happened to your child by anyone but a TSA agent. You’d call 9-1-1 and be filing sexual abuse charges.)

TSA fears that a 95 year old elderly woman might be hiding a dangerous weapon or bomb up her vagina. Forces her to take off her Depends diaper.

TSA – we like to steal your stuff. Article details TSA worker stealing $5,000 and several other known incidents.
(Maybe TSA screeners should be forced to go through the screeners when they leave work.)


(Do something, contact your officials!)

DISCLAIMER: It can be hard to verify all of these. Most appear to be fact. If one of the cases is hoax, please let me know so I can remove it. If you are aware of another serious case of bad ethics and violation of our Constitutionally protected rights. Please comment below and I’ll add it to this post.

On Women and Guns

There has been much in the news regarding the increased sales of firearms.  What is often not mentioned is the fact that many of these sales are new sales, first time buyers. And many of those are women.

Our society often portrays firearms as the tool of men.  But in reality, they are the equalizer.  There is a saying “God made men, but Colt made them equal.”  The meaning of that saying is that prior to the firearm, an individual’s strength is what gave them power.  It was also what enabled them to overpower another who had less strength.  The firearm is a tool that allows a physically weaker individual to defend themselves against a physically stronger one.  Sadly, a situation which many women have found themselves in.

I wanted to provide some information and resources specifically for my female readers.


The Cornered Cat
, is a website dedicated to information on self defense from a woman’s perspective. (Though it’s a great and informative read of us guys too!)

ProArms Podcast
is a roundtable discussion by a number small arms experts.  In August 2008 the ladies on the show did an all women podcast focused on topics and questions of interest to women.

Women of Caliber, is a female gun blogger who has a number of great posts on the matter of women with guns, and did a four part series on children & firearms  [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]

A lot of information concerning firearms, training, etc is relevant to both men and women. But there are a number of aspects that are different. For example, holsters and carrying concealed. Women have hips…men don’t. This makes for a difference in how a holster fits. And many holsters and carry positions that might be comfortable for a man, can be very uncomfortable for a woman.

The above items are just a few resources to get people started. There are many others to be found. In fact, I even found a magazine called Women & Guns dedicated to women and guns. Now, I don’t know much about the magazine or it’s quality.  I am just putting it out there to show you what type of resources exist.

One of the biggest barriers that woman face when entering the world of becoming a gun owner, and taking responsibility for their own protection and the protection of their families, is the aspect of feeling alone.

Realize that you are not alone. There are between 12-17 million  women or even more in America who own firearms and protect themselves.  However, most of the time people are oblivious to the fact. People usually don’t go touting that they are a permit holder and are carrying a fire concealed. The whole point of carrying concealed is concealment. So how would you ever find out that the girl sitting next to you was carrying a .38 special?

Sometimes there are hints that shooters drop now and then if they think someone might also be interested in guns.  Occasionally, an individual is a bit more open about it, being an advocate – I fall into this category. It’s a compromise. In order to be an advocate I must share and reveal more than I would like to, but I do so for the purpose of advocacy –  to encourage people to take responsibility for themselves and their family’s well being, and to protect our communal rights to live safely.

The topic of gun ownership will often come up when a friend is or has been in a situation in which there was a risk of personal harm. Such as the drunken ex-b/f with the restraining order, having been raped, assaulted, robbed, etc.  It is at these times that ordinary people who prior walked around feeling safe, realize that they had simply, up until now, been lucky. They find themselves full of questions. Will it happen again? How can I be safe? Why?

It’s the realization that when in an emergency situation where seconds count, the police are only minutes away.  That realization is something akin to taking the “red pill” and seeing the Matrix for what it is.

Now I am not advocating that everyone get a gun. Truthfully, it’s not for everybody (if you’re a felon or irresponsible individual…please do not buy a gun).  But if you are a responsible individual who takes personal responsibility – than I think you should at least consider the merits of gun ownership. And if you do, I also suggest investing in some professional training. The NRA offers a number of courses that go from introductory, all the way to defense of the home and carry outside the home.

And while we’ve talked mainly about self-defense. There is an entire world of sporting and marksmanship to be found as a gun owner. Many women find themselves falling alove with the sport and competition of a variety of shooting sports.  Whether it’s marksmanship, shooting clay pigeons with a shotgun, or competitions which have more of a focus on practical self-defense techniques.  Shooting is fun!!! And women are good at it…


PS – If you have any questions on any of the above topics, please feel free to contact me. I’ll try to provide an answer or at the very least, endeavor to point you in the direction of someone who can.  Especially, if you’re one who is considering becoming a gun owner but still has some concerns and need more information.  Contact info is on the right toward the bottom…