Why you might need more than 7 rounds…

Sebastian over at the PAGunblog gives a great reason…


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Unwittingly Insightful Comment by OWS Supporter

On CNN.com I came across an intriguing comment. I’ve quoted a portion of it here: “Tea parties can sit on parkbenches in public with guns visible protesting. Apparently, freedom of speech is severely curtailed if you are saying something somebody more powerful than you doesn’t like…”

While I am sure many would leap to express the difference in caliber between OWS and Tea Partiers. But I think the commenter stumbled a deeper truth.  Much of the conflict has truthfully stemmed from cities wanting to see an end of the OWS sitting in their parks. And have tried, by force, to remove them.  I’ll also go out on a limb and say, that while I disagree with many of the notions, philosophies and desired goals of the OWS movement. I am almost 100% in agreement with them regarding the basis that our banks have engaged in illegal activities and that not a single head has rolled for a situation which should have scene numerous CEOs and Congressmen serving jail time.  There is a valid gripe there, even if we are inclined to dismiss the movement overall; as nothing more than a bunch of whiny college kids and professors.

But let’s get back to the quote.  Would a city be quite so read to tear gas a Tea Party gathering in say Arizona or Pennsylvania, or any other state that allowed open carry?

The commentor made the statement that “Tea parties can sit on parkbenches in public with guns visible protesting.”  But is this because of a political acceptance as the commentor seems to think? or is the fact that the Tea Partiers are protesting with guns visible?
Hmm… ya think maybe, just maybe the Founding Father’s put the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution for a reason?  That our founder fathers were  quite aware how quickly any authority would silence a peaceful protest if that protest did not have the means to resist.  And a peaceful but armed protest is far less likely to have their rights trampled on.  There is a reason the 2nd Amendment is considered the right that protects all others.
Just saying…
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Look over there….in the corner…it’s a Black Man with a Gun

David Codrea of Examiner.com interviews Kenn Blanchard of the “Black Man with a Gun”


Be sure to check out Kenn Blanchard’s weekly podcast 
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