Humor for CCW’ers

The following link has some humor for those who carry concealed. Some of it is nearly universal, some not as much.  But enjoy…

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Arkansas Churches soon safer…

“The Arkansas House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a measure that would allow concealed guns to be carried in churches and houses of worship, and the governor’s office says it plans to sign the bill.”


Reminder, if your pastor, elder, priest, etc. Specifically prohibits such, a church is private property, and as such, private property rights should be respected. (Disagree, may mean finding a new church.)

Packing Pretty Concealed Catwalk

1st Annual Womens’ Victory’s Secret Concealed Carry Holster Fashion Show


A fashion show focused on concealed carry for women…

This has the potential to be really cool, really lame. That said, I am a big advocate that most manufacturers have fallen flat on their face when dealing with women’s concealed carry needs. Most have only dealt with it on a secondary level, and usually by incorporating minor modifications to existing products.

My hope is that an event like this will manage to spur manufacturers to address the fastest growing demographic of gun owners.

Not sure if I will be able to make it to this event. But it’d give me a reason to bring along my 70-200mm f/2.8

#nraam Methods of Concealed Carry


Tom Marx

Discussing range of motion. Demonstrating issues with small of the back carry.

How TV influences perception. 1950’s, Dirty Harry, Miami Vice, and more modern shows like NYPD and Law & Order, NCIS.

Issues of realism and reality. Characters placing holsters too far forward with forward cants. Paddle holsters through belts.

Other outside influences. Friends and co-workers, what works for them does not necessarily work for you. Opinionated sales people. Web & blogs.

List of names of good sources of information.

Sight lines. Avoid breaking them and printing (outline of gun).

If you change your gun, your holster, clothes, or even your vehicle – than you need to re-evaluate your equipment and training.

Activity – what are you going to be doing often defines your clothes and your carry. So does the climate.

Often the more deeply and harder concealed the harder it is to draw and engage the weapon.

Other issues: gender, range of motion, injuries, weight, age, fitness. Cannot “train away”, must work around.

Most of the time you will be the “responder” and not the initiator. Always behind the curve as a responder.

Must have a mindset. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Time is NOT on your side.

Critically evaluate yourself.

Develop the skills ahead of time.

You have to WANT to survive.

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National Park Carry Law Goes Into Effect

On February 22, 2010 the new law allowing citizens to carry firearms in national parks in accordance to state laws and procedures went into effect. Read the NRA-ILA Update here.

Visitors may possess firearms within a national park unit provided they comply with federal, state, and local laws.  Please remember that federal law prohibits firearms in certain park facilities and buildings. These places are marked with signs at public entrances.

More info and list of parks per the National Park Service:

Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Deshler-Morris House
Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site
Eisenhower National Historic Site
Flight 93 National Memorial
Fort Necessity National Battlefield
Friendship Hill National Historic Site
Gettysburg National Military Park
Gloria Dei Church
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site
Independence National Historical Park
Johnstown Flood National Memorial
Steamtown National Historic Site
Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial
Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River
Valley Forge National Historical Park

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Follow-up on AZ restaurant carry

Back in May I blogged about attending the NRA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.  I had a blast, however I had a number of gripes related to Arizona’s restriction on carry in any location that served alcohol (which included most of the the restaurants downtwon).

A proposed law would have allowed Arizona residents and guests with recognized permits to carry in restaurants that served alcohol.  The news is that it has passed the house. Congratulations to Arizonans.

I do wonder what affect the attendance of thousands of NRA members had on Arizona. I know that I contacted numerous Arizona officials regarding my experiences on this matter. I imagine many others did as well.  For those wondering what the NRA accomplishes, I believe this is but one example of the affect of the NRA.

H/T to Snowflakes in Hell

UPDATE: Passed the senate and is headed to the governor.

Colleges those bastions of liberty and free speech… !NOT

Unless of course your topic of free speech is not on the socialist left’s agenda.

Female student who tries to organize a “Students for Concealed Carry”. Community College of Allegheny County decides that we don’t support that right.,2933,525110,00.html

Carry in Parks almost re-restored!

Measure to Allow Conceal Carry in National Parks in accordance to state regulation has now passed both the Senate and the House.

It was attached to a Credit Card Reform bill as an amendment. And while I dislike the whole system of attachments on unrelated bills, and would prefer to see a one-item per bill policy.  Such is the politics in Washington. It’s attachment to the Credit Card Reform bill makes it unlikely that President Obama will veto the bill.

For those following the National Parks carry issue.  There was an executive order policy change by the Bush Administration, to allow carry in National Parks. While it seemed to some as a last minute decision by the former President’s administration, it had been in the work for quite a few years.

The Brady Campaign filed for an injunction claiming no environmental impact study was done. (None is really necessary, because there is no environmental impact. This is pretty common sense. The only time there is environmental impact is if someone uses the firearm to protect their life. And that IMHO takes precedent over the environment.) However, the judge let their request for an injunction stand. And the newly elected Obama Administration declined to put up a legal defense. (Though the NRA intended to do so.)

This passage of this bill will eliminate that legal situation and re-restore our rights to carry in National Parks. Let’s just hope that Obama doesn’t veto the bill. If he does, it will truly show that his primary intent above all else (even restoring the economy) is gun control.


PS – Sorry for being a little late getting the word out on this. I first heard about it going through the house a day or two ago. But am still recuperating from Phoenix. Trying to get caught up with everything…and not doing the best job. Have to face the wife tonight when she gets home, and wonders why I didn’t get half the stuff done I was supposed to.  On top of that we’ve got a local battle in York on a proposed “Lost/Stolen” bill being re-introduced. And that consumed nearly an entire day’s free time this week.

In the news… movie theatre shooting in PA!

There are a number of movies coming out that I want to see, including: Tale of Desperaux and Clint Eastwood’s new film “Gran Torino”.  A movie theatre was one of the first places of business I carried into, and with regards to carrying.

Movie theaters are one of the most comfortable and least comfortable places to carry. Comfortable because they’re dark, and for a person new to carrying. It gives a comfort to the concerns of spotting, etc.  Uncomfortable, because having a sidearm on can make trying to sit in those theatre seats a tad uncomfortable. For this reason there were times I contemplated not carrying my sidearm, but I remembered the adage “If you carry, always carry!”  So I accepted discomfort in exchange for safety.

Today’s news has confirmed to me that I made the proper choice.  A family toward the front of a theatre was making noise. Being a dad, I suspect it was the usual family situation of parent trying to make child be quiet, then endeavoring to find out what it is that has the child making noise so that they can satisfy the child in hopes of quieting the kid.  Well in this case, a fellow patron took offense to the noise of the family was making.  He threw popcorn at the son then approached the family and drew a Kel-Tec .380 (I’m presuming this is the P3AT) pistol and shot the father in the arm.  This confirms to me that my decision to carry in spite of being uncomfortable is indeed the right choice.

Thankfully, this did not result in a mortal wound. However, I am very bothered by this situation, because this man was carrying a pistol commonly carried by permit holders.  I am hoping that the shooter is not a permit holder, and just a typical scumbag criminal. Because such a situation is merely feed for the trolls at the Brady Camp.


I was rather surprised not to have seen anything about this incident in the gun blogosphere.  If anyone know’s more, please give us an update. Was James Joseph Cialella a permit holder or just your usual street urchin?

UPDATE: Sebastian over at SnowflakesInHell was able to confirm the following charge having been made in this case.

12/25/2008  “Firearms Not To Be Carried W/O License”

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