Canines: Licenses to Kill ???

Reason has an article on the growing trend of police brutality against dogs.  The growing number of cases in which officers casually, shoot a dog.  The explanation, it’s “policy”, and points to it as part of the problem.

Many of these cases, the officer is never in danger. These are [mostly] not cases of dogs attacking. Many times its nothing more than a dog approaching, or in one case, the owner had already locked her lapdog in the bathroom.

This is a warning sign of a growing police state. We should be afraid when our police are so callous as to make killing a family’s pet “policy”, rather than prudence only when in actual danger. And if they can preventatively kill our pets. Does anyone really think it’s that far beyond, that the same callous behavior, will be applied to us and our children?  [FACT REMINDER: Ruby Ridge was a mostly avoidable tragedy, that became a massacre when an officer chose to shoot a child’s dog in that child’s presence. One has to remember, that to a young child, that dog IS family. And in the case of Ruby Ridge, the child retaliated with lethal force against an officer, who had just killed his buddy.]

If you know that officers are coming, be prudent and secure your canine friend. And realize even that may not be enough to prevent our uniformed finest from having a little live action target shoot.

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Dog Food for Thought…

The article below details an incident in which someone shot a 2 yr old yellow lab four times.  A horrible and malicious thing to do when not a defense issue.  But the thing I wanted to point out is that four shots did not kill the lab.

So consider this, especially if you’re going to be in the wilderness; but even in the city you can encounter large animals (four legged and bipedal). Realize that one bullet probably won’t do it.  4-6 might not even “STOP” the target.

New Rule:

“Know your target, and know how much it takes to stop them!”
(Namely, as many shots until the target is stopped.  Usually 1-20 rounds.)

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Why carry? Deadly Dogs?

Elderly couple attacked and killed by a pack of wild dogs.

Video at

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