Green smoke….was Dorner trying to surrender?

Article on Dorner’s last moments.It mentioned that Dorner fired off a couple of green smoke grenades. I wondered if that had any meaning. After googling I discovered a few references to use of green smoke in the military to denote “wounded”.

Can any readers verify this?

If true, the officers claim that there was no indication of surrender  were probably bunk.  And it would appear that perhaps Dorner was signaling just that, before they burned him to the ground. No, they did NOT want that man captured alive.

But I think we knew that after the LAPD shot up two women in pick-up truck. Who have since settled for $4+ million.,0,1713238.story

As for the $1 million dollar reward for information leading to the capture of Dorner. One man, whom Dorner carjacked, and who called a friend who was a sheriff’s deputy. Feels that he has a claim to the reward. And would like to use it to fund his children’s tuition and improve the local Scout camp. (Heltebreke feels he and the couple in Big Bear should split the reward.)

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Dorner Incident

Van Jones comments on the Dorner Incident.

We should not be “using this occasion” to debate various theories of racial justice — not while the blood of the innocent is still fresh on the ground.

Really, but it’s been totally okay to “use” the Newtown occasion to debate various theories of gun control – while the blood of the innocent is still fresh on the ground.

Leftist hypocrisy?

“But real insights are available elsewhere, from sources that are infinitely more credible.”

This might be the only time the LAPD has been referred to as infinitely more credible on race related issues in it’s decades of history.

“There are many better spokespeople for the cause of racial justice than Dorner.”

Okay, I agree with him on the above statement.

“I don’t want to reference Dorner in any way except for what he was — someone who was very disturbed, who needed mental health support and who cruelly took the lives of those devoted to service.”

I have a feeling had Dorner not been an ex-cop. We’d see all the talk being on gun and little mention of mental health.

The LAPD does have a lot to answer for, and even now, the original incident that triggered Dorner’s decline is being re-opened and re-evaluated. What happens if the evidence is “Oh crap, he was right…the incident did happen. And we fired him?” That’s a big danger…

Furthered by recent police responses to Dorner, ie: shooting two blue pickups full of innocent civilians. To which many average citizens express thoughts such as “From the perspective of people watching, two cars filled with innocent people were shot at in what to a lot of people looked like street justice than police procedure,”

And I can’t say I disagree. If police are in such a rush to draw guns and shoot and kill Dorner, that they can’t even be bothered to check the plate or color of the vehicle; it’s kind of hard to argue they weren’t going for a street execution.

Hopefully, this doesn’t become the prelude to a 20th anniversary and sequel of the LA Riots.

I wonder who has more Facebook followers? Dorner of the LAPD?


“The cabin went up in flames after authorities launched pyrotechnic tear-gas canisters into it”

I guess this kind of settles the Waco, Texas debate. Pyrotechnic tear-gas canisters seem to have a knack for burning down buildings with people inside…just saying.

Anyways, I’ll stop here lest I drone on about the Dorner Incident.

UPDATE:   Apparently, that accidental incident of fire that burned that cabin. Not so accidental.

Um, question, when you’re declaring a desired intent to kill and then you kill – is that not murder?

Seriously, just wondering how many charges should be filed against LAPD and it’s surrounding cohorts.

> Attempted murder of two hispanic women in a blue pickup.

> Attempted murder of an old guy in his pickup

> Deliberate Murder of a suspect

This is not “a law enforcement agency”, it’s gestapo.


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