This is why I am 100% opposed to ‘nukes on drones’

Why give an enemy nation the means to nuke the United States with our own equipment?

Texas college hacks Department of Homeland Security (DHS) drone.

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Hunting Club & Animal Rights Group engaged in all out war…

Okay, not quite…but one groupd did shoot down the other group’s surveillance drone.

An animal rights group named SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness), was attempting to foil a planned pigeon shoot at Broxton Bridge Plantation Sunday near Ehrhardt, S.C. (And from the sounds of the article, it appears they may have managed to cancel or post pone the pigeon shoot.)

The group SHARK planned to use a remote control multi-copter unit with a video camera to cover the shoot. When apparently one of the hunters shot it down. (Guess if they can’t shoot pigeons they’ll shoot robo-pigeons instead.)

And seriously, why isn’t there a market for robo-pigeons yet? Just build an air cannon to shoot a bunch of battery powered nano-copters that randomly swoop and dive. *B-L-A-M-M-O*

The one downside of this incident is that it appears there may be question as to the safety of the shot that took down the copter. We always need to know what lies beyond. And the copter was apparently hovering near a major interstate; it’s fall could have caused an accident.

The animal rights group has stated this is NOT the end of it’s actions.

Incidents like this and the recent super-man flyers in NYC will probably lead the FAA to get involved more heavily in regards to smaller drones and RC craft.

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