Is America Safe? That DEPENDS…

Are you afraid of the big bad grandma? I’m not…but TSA seems to be petrified that such a woman, 95 yrs old and dying of cancer, might just be a terrorist.

So what made TSA so fearful? Why the 95 yr old in struggling health wears a Depends (diapers for adults) , and were unable to feel the old woman’s vagina. This terrified the TSA agents, and necessitated the 95 year old woman be moved to a protected area. She was forced to remove her diaper and travel without underwear for the entire flight so that TSA agents could ensure she was not carrying a weapon or a bomb in her vagina.

Is this the America we want for our children?

Please contact your representatives and say “enough is enough”, and please, do not vote for any politician who continues to support the TSA’s ridiculous policies.

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A prescribed handgun solution…(literally)

A few weeks back I saw discussion of a new pistol called the Palm Pistol.  It looks more like some ergonomic screwdriver than a handgun.  But the concept design was to provide a usable close range self defense tool.

Unlike a normal pistol in which you hold a handle and the barrel lays about the handle reaching forward; the Palm Pistol held within the grip of the hand with the barrel sticking out between the middle of the four fingers and the thumb upon a button on the top.

The design is to accommodate people with weaker hands.  Okay, nothing I’ve said is really new. It’s been on other blogs before today.  But apparently the company has succeeded in getting the Palm Pistol listed as a Class I Medical Device.

Physicians will now be able to prescribe the Palm Pistol to qualified patients.