All In, Lost All

Why I’m disappointed with the NRA this election year

2012 election went worse than I feared. I expected Romney to lose. We were being asked to support a candidate who was only slightly less than our current President. A Massachusetts’s liberal. And a fat cat very out of touch with the common people.

He was unelectable. And I knew it. People griped that I had chosen not to vote for Romney. It waa pretty well known Pennsylvania was going to Obama.

The NRA put so much effort into a losing horse. And in doing so neglected far more important races.

Pennsylvania now has an anti-gun MAIG funded Attorney General who is devoted to rescinding reciprocity agreements.

We’ve got a fight on our hands folks. Worse, we went all in and lost a lot of fights. The result is that we will look weak and less influential. The NRA didn’t bring it home this time.

And that’s a large part of why I felt the NRA made a mistake I. Focusing efforts on Romney at expense of more important local races.

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Four More Beers

That’s about how many a lot of folk are going to need tonight.

(but it looks like Romney may have been more popular)

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2012 Election – PA Residents PLEASE vote “Freed”

In Pennsylvania, we have an extremely important election, Attorney General.  We have a choice between “Freed”, vs “Kane” , the latter of whom has publicly declared her intention to reconsider ALL Pennsylvania’s permit reciprocity agreements.

This would be a horrible horrible thing, and frankly something we cannot allow. So regardless of who you may or may not be voting for in the Presidential race. Please vote in the AG. In fact, if you were thinking of skipping this election, please come out just to support “Freed”. And if you can’t bring yourself to vote for the two main Presidential candidates, then go and vote for a Gary Johnson or other 3rd party candidate to help keep alternatives on the ballot.


NRA PVF Endorsements

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan
David J Freed
Kathleen Kane [Horrible horrible anti-gunner.]

Tom Smith
Bob Casey  [No Endorsement, but please vote out Casey. He is one of the least responsive congressmen I’ve ever dealt with.]

Scott Perry [Mr. Perry, who served in Iraq, was also the primary sponsor of Pennsylvania’s “Castle Doctrine”

Stan Saylor [If Stan stays in, I get my roads plowed.]  😉

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Presidential Debate: After Thoughts…

I am no fan of Romney. But the debate did give me insights into where he needs his campaign to go. And what he needs to do.

  • He needs to hype on, and focus on being a collaborator who worked with, and will work with people on both sides of the aisle – to get stuff done!
  • He needs to come out with his plans. His announcing a proposal of a cap on deductions, is something that would be attractive to MANY voters. He needs to be more open with his plans and strategies. Don’t set them in stone, but express what he’s thinking.
  • President Obama is very good at responding and making things slide off of himself. His voice sounds good.

    Romney will have a tough time with that…frankly. He did do a little better at being human.  I think he should just buy EVERY American a beer if he wins. Figured it’d cost him about $100 million.  And might get him enough swing votes.

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