We Are Losing the War on Terror

The 11th anniversary of 9-11 passed this month. It was further bittered by another attack on Americans. I did not blog about 9-11 because I am very torn with regards to it.

Essentially, 10 years later I am more sorrowful. Not as much as I was 11 years ago when 9-11 transpired just an hour or so from my home. But I will say that I am far more discouraged at the 11th anniversary than I was at the 1st anniversary.

This recent article is part of why. The article details the growing influence that Iran has in Iraq. And from a quick read you can gather fairly easily that Iraq is likely to become another Iranian puppet state like Syria and Libya.

All that money, and all those precious lives, expended on the war in Iraq – for what?

We failed to bring real stability, we failed to rebuild a thriving infrastructure like with did in Germany, Japan and Korea. And I believe in part that is due to the fact that we balked on spending $$$ to build and wound up spending even more on a prolonged conflict.

Now we read about our troops in Afghanistan going on needless patrols only to be blown to bits. Gaining no terroritory, accomplishing nothing…

I wager any Vietnam veterans reading these recent accounts of futile patrols in Afghanistan are crying. Because they know how painful it is to lose a friend, but how much more painful it is to lose that friend needlessly and without purpose.

But even if Aghanistan and Iraq are chalked in history as failures. That’s not the true proof that we lost this war. The real proof we lost the war on terror is the TSA.

Everyday thousands of Americans and their children are subjected to invasive searches and seizures. Checkpoints in which bodies are groped, fondled, and handled in ways that’d land a priest in jail. And this is tolerated…along with the trampling of numerous other civil liberties. All in the name of freedom safety. A safety most will affirm is merely theater.

Are we REALLY afraid that a passenger plane will be hijacked and used as a bomb again? I’m not. I know if anyone attempted to hijack an American passenger plane, those Americans on board would rise up and subdue their hijackers; dying if necessary, to keep us safe.

If it ever happens again, it will not be a passenger plane. Rather, it will be a cargo plane such as those used by UPS or FedEx. A plane with nothing but a 2-3 man crew to be overcomed. And even that I believe is unlikely.

Meanwhile, what scares the crap out of me is how easy it would be to sail a 25 ft boat from West Africa or Indonesia into Baltimore, NY, Miami, San Francisco or San Diego harbor and go BOOM!!!

The lack of a nuke or dirty bomb is pretty much the only thing preventing America’s enemies from accomplishing such a strategy. So while we waste billions on security theater in our airports. The real threat and danger lurks. If there is anywhere that needs money, it’s the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Border Patrol.

The Coast Guard with it’s aging ships is in desperate need of new tools to do their job and keep us safe. I’d argue they’re more important than the U.S. Navy at the moment. A 25 ft sailboat with a dirty bomb is a far greater threat than a surface engagement with another superpower like Russia or China.

Frankly, I would like to see Congress to authorized a new light drone carrier for the Coast Guard so they can run drones up and down the coast line monitoring for suspicious activity or radiological signals. Equip their vessels with anti-submarine warfare equipment. As recent articles have pointed to increased use of such equipment by drug cartels to smuggle contraband into our nation.

These simple actions are “no brainers”, that Congress apparently is unable to contemplate. And why I fear that one day, we may see a tragedy that makes 9-11 pale in comparison unless we wise up.

But so far, it sure looks like we’re losing the “War on Terror”. Yes, we got Saddam. Yes we got Osama bin Laden. But we’re losing Afghanistan, Iraq, and American Liberty.


I know that some will be offended by my accusation that we are losing the war on terror. Please, do not take that as a desire on my part to do so. But rather calling into question the failed strategies and implementations. And the fact that we are paying an exceedingly high price in liberty to gain a miniscule amount of safety.


PRIMARY TALK: Primaries – should they be regulated?

I often hear people remark on the much maligned Presidential primary system that there is really nothing that can be done about it. Primaries are for private organizations and that’s that.

Well I 100% disagree.  First, the laws have been passed to favor the two-party incumbent system. Essentially, making it nearly impossible for a third party candidate to enter the race. There have been a few exceptions, Ross Perot being one. But most of the exceptions are usually a mere splinter segment of another party – “Bull Moose” anyone?

For that reason alone, and the affect it has on our presidential election, I would feel it acceptable to regulate the process.

But when you factor in the millions of dollars that is spent on such things as candidate security and conventions. Than I believe the case for regulation is even furthered.


Here are my thoughts:

All primaries occur on the same date. No more of this game where 20 candidates run, and by the time people like us Pennsylvanians get to vote we are left with one choice.  Perhaps let caucuses run one month prior. And while it’s not a total fix by far, this would do a LOT to clean up the American political system. And it’s not asking a lot.

And if this can’t be agreed to. Than ZERO public money should be used on the process. Yes, that’s right. Zero. And if Romney is afraid of being assassinated, than he needs to pay for his own security detail.  The Secret Service remain out of the process entirely until the candidates are officially candidates for the position of POTUS.

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No Surprises….

Auburn shooter had prior arrests for gun offenses but was never prosecuted!

This is far far too common a scenario. Why advocate for ANY gun control legislation if the most fundamental rule (bad guys, doing bad things) is not going to be prosecuted.  So did a gun kill these three people? Or did a bad court system?

The truth is, far more people die because of parole, failure to prosecute, probation, et al than they do by any sort of lack of firearm & gun control laws.  Fix the judicial system. Send bad guys to jail. And quit incarcerating growers of orchids, and we might see violent crime plummet.


I’d really like Brady or CSGV to comment on why in so many cases, we see this trend. Prior arrests for gun offenses, but no prosecution. Or 10 year sentence for armed robbery and prisoner is released after a few weeks time served.  Meanwhile, we’ll push hard, really hard…to have  a few residents of Massachussetts arrested for an empty brass shell casing. Or for a passer by through New Jersey to be incarcerated over a small dimple in a .22 caliber bullet.  Yes, this is the common sense gun control idiots ask for….where as us firearm owners want violent criminals prosecuted, incarcerated, and kept away from society.

Which laws do you think make for a safer society?

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