Senator Rand Paul #filiblizzard

Last night Senator Paul fillibustered for 13 hours to protest the very loose interpretation of being able to assasinate an American citizen on U.S. territory via a drone, without due process. And dangerous proposition because of it’s slippery slope.  While perhaps President Obama would be unlikely to choose such action, what if a president 10 years down the road deems a few Congressmen meeting together to discuss opposition to the sitting president a “threat” and issues a drone strike. How many suffered in the “red hunts” of the 60’s. Do we trust our government to be mature enough to handle such power?

I am greatful that Senator Rand Paul stood up to at least raise some thought on the issue.  I am also very thankful to the following senators (including our own Pat Toomey) for joining him.

Senators we should be thanking:

Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky)
Senator Mike Lee (Utah)
Senator Ted Cruz (Texas)
Senator Jerry Moran (Kansas)
Senator Marc Rubio (Florida)
Senator Saxby Chambliss (Georgia)
Senator John Cornyn (Texas)
Senator John Barasso (Wyoming)
Senator John Thune (South Dakota)
Senator Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania)
Senator Ron Wyden (Oregon)*

*Extra special thanks to Ron for crossing his party line and standing up for liberty.

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