Guns IV: Ladies Carry Pistol

I have a confession to make…when I got my Pennsylvania LCTF (CCW Permit), I was NOT the first one in my family to get one.

My wife actually picked hers up a day or so before I did (although both were filed together).  In fact, this resulted in a bit of a funny situation when I went to pick up my permit at the sheriff’s office.

I handed the sheriff my ID. He came back a minute later and stated that he could not process my application, that the computer says it has already been processed.  I thought maybe he was confused, since my wife’s had picked up her permit. He asked me what my wife’s name was, to which I replied.

That’s when he slid my driver’s license back to me and told me to look at it. I quickly realized that I had handed him my wife’s driver’s license.  The sheriff asked me out of curiosity why I had a copy of my wife’s driver’s license. I explained that my wife lost her license and got a replacement, we later found her old license. And that I keep it with me for those times when we go out to a tavern and my wife doesn’t have her wallet.

The sheriff explained that he doesn’t ask any more. After this one time when a woman came in with a little child in tow.  Gave him a driver’s license with a man pictured on it.  He exclaimed “That’s not you!” to which the woman replied in a deep male voice… “YES IT IS!” (Perhaps she was a member of the Pink Pistols.)


Anyways, around this time Ruger revealed the new LCP (which my wife and I jokingly referred to as the “Ladies Carry Pistol”).


We couldn’t find one anywhere…neither could anyone else. *lol*  We reserved on at Freedom Armory and finally our name came up. So we went down and my wife picked up her Ruger LCP. It was very light and compact. We went out to the range, and the only lane available was a 25 yd (75ft) lane. We didn’t hit a thing (except for the ground a few times).  Finally the 8 yd lane opened up. We still did not hit very much.  It wouldn’t be until later when I took my Pastor out shooting that I started landing on target. His help in letting me know where I was landing the rounds assisted me in getting a feel for the LCP’s sights (or near lack of them).

The LCP is definitely a short range weapon. I would not expect to use it at anything much beyond 25ft.  At least not without adding something like Crimson Trace laser grips.


But all was not well…

A few trips to the range and I realized something was not quite right with our LCP.  I’d pull the trigger, but it would not always fire the gun.  At first I thought it was the magazine not being inserted properly, or the slide not cycling back properly.  But I eventually realized that there was something seriously wrong. I couldn’t pull the trigger far enough to release the hammer. It was fairly random.

So I brought back to the dealer at the end of September and they wound up sending it back to Ruger.  About a week later Ruger announced the recall. It wouldn’t be until mid-December when we’d get our LCP back.

Ruger was courteous enough to send back our LCP with an extra magazine with the new fingergrip extensions, an LCP “tactical baseball cap”, and a $25 gift certificate to the accessory store – oh and an apology letter.

A few weeks later I brought it out to the range and all seemed to work fine so far. And I will add that I much preferred the new finger grip extended magazines. I am not sure how much they factored into things, but my shooting was much more accurate this time around.

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