And then there was “ONE”

Rick Santorum has announced his bid to suspend his campaign. While I did not want Santorum to be our nominee. I am once against greatly disturbed by the fact thay I do not ever get a chance to vote in Presidential primaries.

I believe the system is seriously seriously BROKEN. And I question whether we can look at this system and call it effective for Presidential elections. I do not believe it to be so. I do still believe our system works reasonably well for local state based elections. But the presidential primary election is to me, merely a fraud.

The presidential primary has been structured to prevent opportunity to vote. The primary should be established on a single day. The entire country should vote. And any primary held before that date is not counted.

Plain. Simple. Honest (Something lacking in politics.)


To be honest, I believe I will be leaving the Republican party after this election.  And I believe this continued disenfranchisement of voters will kill the Republican Party over the next few more election cycles.

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ABC’s of mass shooters

ABC did there little investigative newsbit on guns, and the claims of how they could help deter “Virginia Tech” style shootings.

First off…there is massive criticism of this bit by the gun community. It’s clearly quite biased and there are clues that it was set-up to fail.

But there is a LOT to be learned from this video as well.


1. Get training. They are very correct. Simply being shown how to shoot a gun at a paper target is a poor substitute for self-defense training. I recommend going through the NRA Pistol courses (Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home). Just to start…

2. They do correctly hit upon the tunnel aspect of vision, loss of periphereal vision, etc.  And that you need training to compensate for such physiological training.

3. Both defenders fail to take cover. And pretty much stood still.

4. You pay the legal price…that is very true.


1. The armed students had zero self-defense training. Only rudimentary range shooting.

2. The shooter(s) were professionals Police officers. And should have instead been ordinary students with no more training than the targets. As is usually the case.

3. There was a second shooter. Who was an accomplice. This is extremely uncommon. In fact, there is no case I am aware of that involves a second shooter concealed.  Columbine involved two shooters. But they were entering together. The scenario put forth was beyond the scope of (un)common event. And a theoretical worst case scenario.

4. Also note the the officer playing the shooter seems to walk in, shoot the teacher. And immediately turns to face the one armed student.  The shooter already knew the location of the CCW student.  This seems repeated with the second shooter.

5. Notice the female that they show shooting the fixed paper target.  Notice that she is mostly aiming for the head. She’s clearly had ZERO training for self-defense. Is it any wonder that she only grazed the shoulder. Had she shot at center mass, the perpetrator would have been hit a number of times.

6.  Chaos runners. Note the actions of those that ran in harms way. They had to both a) leap over the desk in b) the direction of the shooter. Why would ANYONE clamor over cover and expose themself. And furthermore, head toward the shooter. Unrealistic. And I’ll wager those were the ABC crewmen and not the students.

7. Lastly, they don’t tell you if the CCW student took down the first shooter in the first scenario.  If so, while he may have been shot 6 times. May even die…the news would be reporting a single death as opposed to 10, 20, 30+ deaths.  (Of course, I’d wager that most of the media outlets would totally ignore the fact that a CCW student had taken the perpetrator down.)

8. Man shoots his wife. Just plain stupid.  Basic safety teaches you not to do this. It’s why I advocate that everyone take some training. And at the very least if you are unable to find training. Pick up a few books and READ. You won’t get the hands on insights, but you’ll gain the knowledge and the warnings.

9. Watch the replays of the other scenarios.  Note that students ARE taking cover with the firearms. Also, looks like the shooters are ALWAYS focused on the CCW students. And ignoring all those fleeing.  Still seems to me at the very worst, 1-2 students die. And the rest escape because of a CCW student.  That student will likely be regarded a hero, quite prossibly post-humously.

Sad that ABC had to  be so biased and stack the deck so strongly in opposition. This could have been a superb study and scientific experiment.  Instead of merely being a bias springboard…. that said. Some good things can still be learned from the above videos. In particular, take cover, don’t just stand there, get training!


Another great minute by minute expose on this 20/20 episode.


UPDATED: John Lott Fox Editorial commenting and debunking 20/20’s story.