White Rose (York, PA) Friends of the NRA Banquet

For residents of south central/eastern PA.  Our York county Friends of the NRA Banquet will be coming up in just a couple of months.

Thursday, May 06, 2010 5:30 PM  –  York, PA

Committee Name: White Rose
Holiday Inn/Conference Center
2000 Loucks RD
York, PA 17408


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Friends of the NRA Banquets: Part I

Last night my wife and I had an enjoyable time at the Lancaster Friends of the NRA Banquet.

We were joined by nearly 900 2nd Amendment lovers – for food, games and guns.  There were dozens of raffles and games. These evening was drawing to a close, we had yet to win anything.  But were still having a good time and had a tasty dinner.  They were doing one of the bucket raffles when my wife exclaimed… “I really like that basket.” Moments later they call her number.

They then began calling the last raffles, for 5 remaining firearms.  Thinking this methodology worked. I exclaimed excitedly in imitation of my 2 yr old daughter. “I want to win. I want to win a gun. I going to win a gun.”  And I kid you not, moments later they read off my name.

I won a Taurus 85 revolver chambered in .38 Special.  Pretty much covering the cost of our tickets, and the raffles we played.

If you haven’t attended a Friends of the NRA Banquet, I heartily suggest you do. They’re a lot of fun. And while few are quite as large as the Lancaster dinner. They are all fun.

PS – If you’re in York county the Friends of the NRA Banquet will be Thursday, May 6th, 2010.

White Rose Friends of the NRA Dinner

Toward the end of last year I began to take a more pro-active role with regards to the 2nd Amendment. It included, among other things, this blog. I also joined our local Friends of the NRA committee.

For those unfamiliar with Friends of the NRA (more info here) –  it’s a grassroots fundraising organization that provides grants for hunting and shooting activities, clubs, and programs.

Friends of the NRA puts on fundraising banquests and dinners across the nation. There are raffles, auctions, games and prizes. I had never attended such an event prior to joining the committee. But decided to attend a nearby banquet in Lancaster, PA back in February. The Lancaster Friends of the NRA dinner also happens to be one of the largest in the nation. This gave me an idea of what to expect for our own local and somewhat smaller banquet which was held April 30th.

Our committee spent a fair part of the day setting up and preparing for the dinner. My wife joined me for the actual dinner. We had a good time, but alas I still have yet to win one of the many handguns and rifles that were up for auction.

Here are some photos of our event…

People enjoying the banquet…

Matching Ruger Vaqueros (Guns of the Year)
and Kimber Ultra Carry

Some of the people who helped make this event happen…

Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry

and donated by Massad Ayoob at the ProArms Podcast

CrossBreed Holsters was kind enough to donate
a pair of holsters for the auctions.

Some familiar Zombie targets & PAFOA Zombie
Response Team patches (courtesy of myself)
and autographed copies of Black Man with a Gun
courtesy of Kenn Blanchard.

Just a suggestion…


Don’t know about you. But I think this would be a pretty cool two gun set. With both handguns having matching serial numbers series.  And it’d be really cool if they came in a small custom “pelican” style waterproof case.

If you agree, maybe you should let Ruger know here



NOTE: This is NOT the 2010 Gun of the Year. I am just insinuating that it’d be a pretty cool combination to see as next year’s gun of the year. Maybe we can talk Ruger/Friends of the NRA into it.

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