NRA Basic Defense in the Home

Recently I realized that I never posted a review of the NRA Basic Home Defense course I took a few months back.  I apologize, both for my failure to post a review and for the fact that I do not remember it in as vivid detail.  So I will share some of the highlights I do remember.

This was the 3rd NRA course I took at Freedom Armory, and also my favorite.  We discussed a fair amount about mindsets. The fact that you need to be prepared to shot. Predators who don’t believe you will shoot will likely attempt to attack you and turn the tables.

We discussed cover versus concealment. What objects in your home can provide limited cover (bookcase) and what merely provides concealment (ie: couch).

I also noticed that my shooting had improved greatly by this class. Even though we did a lot of alternative shooting. We shot from around and behind a wooden board. We shot in the dark/low light utilizing flash lights (which was really cool and insightful). We also did some experimenting with point of aim at short ranges. Where our instructor had us mis-use the sights, angle the gun until we couldn’t see the front sight because it was too far to the side or too far up or down. And how we still hit the target and very short ranges. This was insightful. While it was clear that using the sights is far more accurate. At a mere couple of yards all of our shots were on target.  We also did speed drills where we were to bring up the pistol rapidly and fire as soon as we saw the front sight on the target.

It was also the first time I had an opportunity to use my laser sight; during the low-light shooting.  I must say, it enabled me to put a round right in the center of where the head of the target would be.