March 8th – White Rose (York,PA) Friends of NRA Dinner Banquet

Friday, March 8th
York, PA

The White Rose Friends of NRA Dinner Banquet

Tickets can be ordered online here:

Or contact me if you would like to purchase directly.


A few really cool items at the events this year. A fiddle autographed by Charlie Daniels.  An NRA waffle iron.  And  yes, I hear we have some hard to find new bedangled shotgun or something.  Along with many other firearms and collectibles.

Tickets are $35 a person.

If you own a business, and would like information on sponsorship, underwriting, and letting people see your business supports the RTKBA. Please contact me.

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White Rose Friends of NRA – April 27th, 2012

UPDATE: Reminder, there are less than 3 weeks until the Friends of NRA Dinner Banquet!!!

“White Rose” (York County, Penn)
Friends of NRA Banquet
Friday, April 27th @5:30 pm

Tickets: $35
Purchas Tickets online at:

Flyer ( front / back ) PDF

Friends of NRA banquets help support the shooting sports, 1/2 of all the proceeds raised remain in the state and fund programs that the PA YES Youth Program 

The banquets are tons of fun, make for great date nights.  Include food, raffles and games from which you can win guns and gear.

If you’re a business, local or online, there are oppotunities to help sponsor the event either via under-writing or providing merchandise for raffles.  We can even give your business or range and enclusive table with it’s own opportunity to win a firearm.  See flyer for details.

Even if you can’t make it to the White Rose banquet in York, PA – try to find an event near you!

Friends of NRA – Event Map

Want….and I don’t even know why…

Yes I do…it just looks like it’d be fun…

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I found a horse and a gun in San Francisco…

Yes, it’s been a bit quite. That’s because I and family were out West. We decided to go west after hearing about the recent discovery of gold!

Oh wait, not quite the story…

I had a work related conference in San Francisco and my family came along for the ride. Enjoyed a number of activities (including playing “brain pong”) and museums, rode the historic trolley, saw the giant redwoods, and much much more…

However, one event was of particular interest to this blog.  A carousel ride. Wait…you’re asking yourself “How in the world could a carousel ride relate to the N.U.G.U.N. Blog?”

My wife hopped on a horse and I sat down on the horse next to her. Low and behold I soon found myself on my trusty steed packing a six-shooter. (Come on, use a little imagination folks.)  It turned out that carved onto the side of my carousel horse was in fact a holster revolver.

Carousel and Side Arm

Definitely a unique experience. The carousel was built in 1906.  You know they would never include such artwork in a modern day ride.  Although I didn’t see any other horses bearing sidearms. I did find some photos indicating at least one other horse bearing a sidearm.

Here are more photos showing at least two horses with sidearms (mine) (second) (additional photos)


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