One way to beat the NRA…

The anti-gunners want to form a group that spends $2 for every $1 the NRA spends. First off, what this means is soliciting more billionaires like Mama Bloomberg.  Because there is no way they can raise the funds through grass-roots (see Exhibit A: Brady Campaign).

Second, it means we need to donate. I usually make my funds through various activites, raffles, Friends of the NRA banquet. But I think it may be time for a nice flat $100 donation to the NRA-ILA.

So I’m going to make a little offer here, if anyone makes a $100 donation or greater to the NRA between now and the end of March. I will post to my sidewall either a link to your business (if you’re a business owner), or if you’d like a memorial tribute to loved one, or any other similar display that we warrant to be acceptable for the blog – and I will keep it there for the whole of 2013.

Email for more details (namely, send a copy of a donation receipt, etc)