The Right to Keep and Bear Lasers

A German firm successfully tested a laser weapon system, cutting a 1/2″ steel beam from a distance of 1 km.  The unit also successfully shot down a few drones 2 km away, and an 82mm steel ball. 

STAR WARS is here folks. I consider this rather impressive, and pretty darn close to “actualization”.  They are looking to build a 60kw, and a 100kw demonstrator over the next year or two (present system involved a 30kw and a 20kw laser).

But the truth is, while we may be debating the need for AR15’s in the public media sphere. I’ve argued that we have to be very careful to ensure that the 2nd Amendment remains a right to bear arms (swords, bows, knives, guns, and yes – even blasters)

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Future Arrives Sooner… 3D Printed Firearm

Extreme Tech is covering what it’s calling as the “World’s First 3D Printed Gun”, an AR style pistol firing .22 LR.


Some caveats, the firearm is using a standardized upper and a real barrel.  So it’s really more so the actual use of a home manufactured lower. Which for an AR is in fact the “registered component” of the firearm. The schematics are available for download. This is just even more evidence on the fire that my post just the other day exclaiming magazine capacity bans and the like is ineffective.


For those who look at 3D printing and duplication as a future Utopia. I highly recommend reading “The Lord of Uffts” (Duplicators) by Murray Leinstar, found in the collection of short stories titled A Logic Named Joe, also a fun read for IT folk as it models computers and the internet quite well considering it was written in the 1940’s

BTW, Baen books has A Logic Named Joe as a free download along with many others including 1632. (A fun read if you’ve ever pondered the effect a shotgun would have in warfare in the 1600’s.)

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