New rifle – Savage 17 HMR (woodchucks beware)

The above is a Savage rifle chambered in the 17 HMR caliber.  For those unfamiliar with the 17 HMR, it is a .22 Magnum cartridge that has been necked down to a 17 caliber bullet.

It is probably one of the most attractive and elegant looking cartridges. And I have wanted a rifle chambered in 17 HMR since first seeing the cartridges and then reading up on them.

Essentially, it is a varmint round with a high velocity for a rimfire cartridge (2,000 fps – 2,500 fps).  This provides the cartridge with an extremely flat trajectory.

At the time I had not settled upon which rifle I wanted. I just knew that someday, I wanted a rifle chambered in .17 HMR. Then while in Gander Mountain I saw a Savage 17 HMR rifle with a beautiful gray laminate thumbhole stock. It’d look quite nice next to my Ruger Mini-14 Target (also with gray laminate stock).

The N.U.G.U.N. budget has been a bit lacking this year due to a variety of personal life issues. However, back in February I won a Taurus snubbie revolver. I wound up selling the revolver and putting the money toward a Savage 1735 rifle with heavy stainless barrel. However, the beautiful gray thumbhole stock was no longer a model carried by Savage. (They did have it in other colors, but I love the simplicity of the gray.)

I then venture to find and contact the maker of the stock, Boyd’s stocks. At present they were not manufacturing these stocks, but I had my name added to a waiting list.  Last month I received a call that they were available for purchase.

So I placed an order with Boyd’s and placed a second order with Savage as a few parts are necessary when changing the stock. Namely, magazine plate, trigger guard (which is built into the synthetic stock), and a few screws.

I decided to order direct from Savage, even though I am pretty sure I could have gotten most of the items for half the price through Brownell’s.  However, I was unsure of the exact parts I needed and figured Savage would know.

Well a few days ago my new stock and new parts arrived. I was so jazzed. Especially as I was going out the the range with my father-in-law, and wife’s nephews. This would be the first trip to the range in about 6 months.

But when I went to assemble the rifle, low and behold, the parts didn’t add up. Thankfully, Savage was nice enough to re-ship the order and handle the problem.  How a company handles a mistake is very representative of the company.  Mistakes happen, no company is perfect. But how what they do when a mistake is made truly makes a company great. And Savage handled the situation nicely.

I did take the rifle to the range, but had to use the original synthetic stock.  I purchased a $50 Centerpoint scope from Walmart as the barrel I purchased does not have any iron sights.  The rifle shot quite accurately once sighted in.  Recoil is about the same as my Ruger 10/22 rifle.  I am quite looking forward to returning to the range with the new stock and giving the rifle another go-around.

Oh yeah, to the woodchuck that I keep seeing scurrying around the backyard. “You !@#$% better not even think of touching my garden!”

Today the replacement parts arrived and here is my Savage 17 HMR as I desired to see it.

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$25 Gander Mountain Coupon

Presently there are 9,000+ fans.  We’ve got nearly a month to get it to 25,000.  $25 off of $50 is not a bad deal.  That makes a box of premium defensive ammo quite economical. Or maybe those new muffs.  I am thinking I might get that Kershaw blade I’ve been eying.

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