Chicago: The Pro-Gang City

Chicago, famed for being that great midwest bastion of 2nd Amendment civil liberties and self-defense; or rather famed for everything they can possibly do to oppose self-defense.

The usually reasons given for opposing firearm freedom is crime and gangs. But how does Chicago really feel about gangs?

EXHIBIT 1: Chicago’s new vehicle sticker
Chicago Vehicl Sticker

Please note the gang symbols being shown by the hands, not to mention it’s similarity to a heart symbol used by the same game. Yes, Chicago’s new vehicle sticker was filled with pro-gang innuendo. Almost makes you wonder who’s side that city is on anyways?


Guns on the streets…

Do they come from our local gun shops? The Mexican military? Or our own military?

Per the following document:

(U) A 2006 GAO probe revealed that undercover government investigators purchased sensitive surplus military equipment, such as launcher mounts, signal converters, and body armor, from a DOD contractor.25 A 1993 GAO report similarly concluded that there was widespread theft of military small arms due to lax inventory control.26 US Army CID maintains that the military has implemented stricter inventory controls over weapons.27

(U//LES) In June 2006 an incarcerated US Army soldier and active gang member identified 60 to 70 gang-affiliated military personnel in his unit allegedly involved in the theft and sale of military equipment and weapons. The solider reported that many of the military personnel in charge of ammunition and grenade distribution are sergeants who are active gang members. The soldier also reported that military commanders were aware of the actions of these gang-affiliated personnel.28

(U//LES) A May 2006 interview with a former Marine and Gangster Disciple member incarcerated in Colorado detailed how easily soldiers—many of whom were gang members—stole military weapons and equipment and used them on the streets of US cities or sold them to civilian gang members.29

(U) In December 2005 a National Guard soldier allegedly smuggled several machine guns back from Iraq and sold them to a gun dealer in Georgia, according to open-source information.30

(U//LES) In November 2005 a gang member and active duty Navy service member in California was discovered in the possession of firearms and bullet-proof vests, and is suspected of distributing stolen firearms and hand grenades, according to uncorroborated FBI source reporting.

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The importance of locking criminals up…

Crap…some days I hate computers!  It never fails, every time you check your post before clearing what you write – things go fine. The rare occasion you fail to do so will of course be the time that WordPress loses everything you wrote. Sorry if the re-write is a tad brief.


Manchester, U.K arrested a gang leader and 10 of his cohorts. The result? A city of approx 1/2 million in a metro area of around 2.5 million experienced a 92% reduction in gang-related shootings. And went 12 months with no gang-related murders.

This goes to show what we gun owners already know. The problem is not guns, but criminals.  Just 11 men were responsible for 90% of the gang shootings in Manchester.

11 out of 2,500,000 – the removal of a dozen men from society made hundreds of thousands safer!

It has been pretty well documented in America that the vast majority of crimes are committed by repeat offenders.  Criminals who were either not prosecuted for their crimes, released on bail, and out on parole or shortened sentence.

The result is that our society is forced to bear an enormous toll in loss of life and property.

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