Government Sponsored Terrorism

We have reports of armed police intimidating, threatening, arresting citizens for visiting parks, monuments, and memorials.

We have accounts of residents forced from their homes. Businesses with decades old leases who’ve gone through 18 government shutdowns being forced to close. (Ironically, they are not forced to not have to pay their lease or taxes.) Mind you, some of these are probably illegal actions. As a lease grants certain rights. For instance if you leased a building to a restauraunt, you cannot simply tell the restauraunt owner that they have to shutdown.  Of course, they can fight it in the courts – when those reopen.

There is even a report of the Federal police placing cones to block off a “scenic pullover” spot along a highway. God forbid you stop your car and take a picture while the government is shutdown.

Seriously, I’d love to organize a hundred (or more) citizens and prior service members to all go down and visit the Washington mall memorials with our families.  And when the officer approaches to deny, we explain kindly, that we are visiting these memorials. Unless you’re prepared to tazer a man with a baby strapped to his back. In which case consider your actions carefully, and don’t think to say “I was just following orders” so were the nazis. And consider there are a 100 of us, and 1 of you.

Sorry, but I am sick of being spied on, tracked, and now prevented from visiting rocks.

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QOTD: A masterfully eloquent & fiery quote from the reasoning of a Founding Father

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington

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Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorist activity?

Answer: Per DOD Antiterrorism Awareness training course might surprise you…


Yes, you got that right. So after Homeland Security said that if you supported gun rights, the Constitution, went to church or were pro-life than you might be a right-wing extremist.

Now our government is teaching our soldiers that protesting; that Great American Ideal of Freedom of Speech, and Freedom to Peaceably Assemble indeed makes you a terrorist.

It is a sad thing when the ideals of the Constitution in fact enshrine an individual as a extremist terrorist. Those ideals that should be revered within our society and protected by our government are deemed to be the threat itself.

I fear we may see in our lifetimes the day when the people of Iran are free to speak their voice, while the people of America are silenced.

Reading such statements and acts by our government makes me truly want to weep for our nation.


How is one supposed to show the threepers they’re wrong when the government keeps giving them ammunition like this.

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