Man Tragically Gives Up On Life

A man purchased a shot gun at the York gun show. And then committed suicide.  It appears that the man may have been living out of his pick-up truck.


It’s a tragedy when someone gives up on life.  And we in the gun community hate giving the anti’s fodder.

But let’s review the facts:

– Background check wouldn’t have prevented this.

– Elimination of private party sale (what the anti-gunners like to call the Gun Show Loophole) would not have prevented this.

– 7 day waiting period. Might have prevented this. But more than likely would have just changed the method or delayed the occurence. People who want to commit suicide, will succeed.

– 10 round magazine limit, even 5 round magazine limit would not have prevented this.

What might have prevented this? Counseling? A better job economy? God? But a man’s freewill is his own.

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Gun Show – low turnout? Rece/Depre-ssion kicking in?

This past Saturday I attended one of our large area gun shows at the York Fairgrounds. Didn’t pick up any firearms. But did pick up a couple of knives. Including a beautiful peacock titanium-oxide colored Kerkshaw as a birthday gift for my wife.

What was interesting to note was that the turnout was very low. The past couple of shows it was practically standing-room only. This time the show was sparse. One dealer I know who sold 30+ guns a day at the last show, had only sold 9 as of Saturday afternoon.  Is the recession/depression kicking in? With the current administration seemingly hellbent on destroying the economy. Perhaps not many of us have the free $$$ available to purchase any firearms.

Lastly, there was one factor that really got my goat.  A few vendor tables had a plethora of ammo. What bothered me is that all of this ammo was packaged in the style commonly found at our Walmarts. (Now I am not saying that such packaging is exclusive to Walmart, I really do not know. But what I will say is that I have NEVER seen such ammo packs anywhere but Walmart.)

And it irks me when someone is buying up all the ammo only to sale it at jacked up prices.  When you’re buying the $40/100 rnd box of .223 Federal and selling it for $55/box.  That’s rude…oh, and guess what – I refuse to buy anything from your table.

Now some may say that such is just capitalism. I disagree. Capitalism is Walmart bringing a product for a cheaper price.  Buying all the stock just to resell is disingenuous. I believe such to be rude, selfish and immoral.  To those who think it is not, than consider whether you’d feel the same about food.  If there was a food shortage, do you think it’s right to buy all the available stock from a store and then resell it at exhorberent rates.  Doing so is rude to the community.

I haven’t been able to practice shooting my primary carry firearm in about 4 months. I’ve not been able to find ammo.  And yes, it pisses me off when I find out the reason I can’t find it is because some fat twit is buying it all and creating further scarcity beyond what truly exists.

Don’t expect me to buy anything off your table. My one regret, is that I didn’t give him a peace of my mind. And encourage others not to buy from him as well. (Ironically, it didn’t look like he was moving much of the products at the inflated prices he was asking for.)

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A Gunnie Saturday!: Part I

Saturday began with a trip to the York Gun Show at the York Fairgrounds with a friend of mine.  “Guns…lots of guns!” and might I add “Crowds, lots of crowds!”

There was much difficulty navigating the aisles. If Liberty is a well-armed sheep. The York Gun Show was clearly the sheep pen.  Prices were definitely up on a lot of things.

Mosin-Nagants $99-$175 for nothing specials.
SKS were priced $350 and up…and I mean up to nearly $600.
AK Semi-automatics were going for what you’d expect to pay for an AR.
AR15, as for them gone were the $700+ units.  $1,100 seemed to be the standard AR price and $1,500+ was NOT uncommon.

My friend and I got separated for a while.  I eyed a 1925 Mosin-Nagant with some very interesting markings.  Which I did not see any examples of on  In the end I passed, I’m kind of on a gun restricted budget for the next 6 months (*sighs*).  I have a good wife though…and she’s very tolerant and supportive on this issue.

I did wind up buying a sardine tin of 7.62x54r surplus ammo. $100 for 440 rounds and a few P-58 can openers. (Figured good idea to tape one to each sardine tin I buy.)  Also bought a box of a 100 7.62x54r “blanks”.  They were $3 and I figured WHY THE HECK NOT!  (I figure when the little one is old enough to shoot a larger rifle. A blank might be a good thing to start off with. Especially since they were so cheap.) That was about all I bought…

So I met up with my friend at the door. And lo and behold he had bought something. And it clearly did NOT look like it was within his $200 budget.  Not unless Springfield Armory has significantly lowered their price on the XDM model.  He had been eyeing sub-compacts for carry (which the XDM is not) but saw the XDM for $550 and went for it. Can’t blame him, looks like a really nice gun and I’ve heard only good things about it.

As a little test we pulled a prank on my wife. When I got home I pretended it was my purchase.  My wife was clearly not thrilled but neither was she enraged. She later told me she was waiting for my friend to leave before she yelled at me. *LOL*  (She wouldn’t have been upset about purchasing such a firearm, but for the fact that I am not supposed to buy any more for 6 months.) We want to save for a house…

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