Why Guns and Ammo’s Best States to CC is flawed IMHO

Guns and Ammo’s best states to carry in…


First, I feel that the results of this ranking is that it’s all about reciprocity agreements. If you have a lot of reciprocity agreements, you can essentially match all other points 1 for 1.  And I don’t feel that it is legitimate to weigh one area so heavily. Reciprocity is stacked so high that it dwarfs other issues. Take Connecticut for example, should the ease of access, or lack there of, to a permit weigh less than reciprocity?  How many points is reciprocity worth vs never even becoming a gun owner because the entry barrier is too high?

Don’t get me wrong. Reciprocity is good. Great even. But it is secondary, if you can’t even get your permit.  States such as Pennsylvania (no training requirement) and Vermont (no permit requirement) often run into difficulty establishing reciprocity agreements. Many other states will only reciprocate with those states that issue permits only after mandated training. Pennsylvania and Vermont’s should not be penalized for offering their citizens greater freedom and liberty. 

While I will grant that “Constitutional” carry is a big item. And that should push those states ahead of PA. I do feel they drop the ball on “freedom and access” to carry. And feel this should be a heavily weighted category. (ie: Campus Carry, carry in establishments, right to drinka nd carry,   carry in parks, etc).

There are a lot of auxilliary issues and those should have been scored as well. How many states can you go out on your wedding anniversary and have a glass of wine with your wife? You’d be surprised, #1 state Arizona – NOPE!!!  Pennsylvania, yuppers. That may seem like a little trinket. But it’s not. It is very significant.

When the NRA convention was in Arizona, I had to leave my carry piece in the hotel because the venues served alcohol. What good was reciprocity then? A few years later when it was in Pittsburgh, not only could I carry. But I was able to attend the wine tasting with my LCP in my pocket. And yes, Arizona changed the law so that folks are no longer banned from entering venue that serves alcohol.  But they still didn’t acknowledge your right to drink and still protect yourself.


Guns and Ammo also ranked training time based on the hours. But I feel a quick look at their ranking shows it to be extremely flawed.

Ranking 0 Hours = 10 Points 1-3 Hours = 9 points 4-6 Hours = 8 points 7-9 Hours = 7 points 10-12 Hours = 6 points 13-15 Hours = 5 points 16+ Hours = 0 points

They based it on required hours, that was just out and out dumb. And I challenge any editor of Guns and Ammo to reason out this one for me.  Connecticut requires training and has very few facilitities to provide it. The result, Connecticut access to pistol ownership is extremely complicated and discouraging.   The difference between no training required to own, purchase, or carry a firearm is HUGE compared to  even a 1 hour requirement.  The requirement of 2 days is a bit more, and yes anything beyond 2 days is unwieldy.

The correct way to rank this aspect is:

0 hours = 10 points
1-8 hours ( 1 day or less) = 5 points
9-16 hours (2 days or less) = 4 points
> 2 days = 0 points

Why? Because just a single hour presents a huge huge huge barrier to gun ownership. You now much find a training source, and wait for a class. If you have a restraining order on a violent ex, this little training caveat can equate to your life or death.

The next aspect was their use of the “best gun owning states”.  First off, this is essentially counting many aspects twice.  Pennsylvania is ranked #20. And I really really really have no clue how we got ranked that low. 

– shall issue
– no mandated training requirement
– low fee $25 for 5 years
– no fingerprinting
– open carry except in cities of the First Class (1 million + population)
  > And many will point to that much of the legal basis is that open carry does not require a permit.
– Castle Doctrine
– protection from civil lawsuits
– Pre-emption
– ability to carry in establishments that serve alcohol
– ability to drink alcohol and carry
– large amount of ranges (extremely important)

How did Pennsylvania rank 20th?  And I can’t really find how they ranked the states. But something was missing.  Cause I can’t see PA being below the top 10.

Now I’m not saying PA should of beat out AZ.  I do believe Constitutional carry is a huge +.  But I definitely do think there is a lot of gun culture and freedom being grossly left out.

7. Pennsylvania
Permit Issuance: 20
Reciprocity: 14
Training Time: 10
Application Fee: 10
Stand Your Ground: 8
Best States for Gun Owners: 8
Duty to Inform: 5
Pre-Emption: 5
Issued to Non-Residents: 5
Overall, obtaining a license to carry in Pennsylvania is considered very easy compared to other states. No formal training or handgun proficiency is required, and license fees are reasonably priced.


1. Arizona
Permit Issuance: 25
Reciprocity: 18
Training Time: 10
Application Fee: 10
Stand Your Ground: 10
Best States for Gun Owners: 10
Duty to Inform: 5
Pre-Emption: 5
Issued to Non-Residents: 5


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