If you carry, Always carry!

Today, I found myself in an uncomfortable situation.  I found myself NAKED.

My father-in-law and I road into Philly to pick up a van he had purchased. (His old one being burned in a rash of serial arson.)  This morning to I commented to myself that I need to remember to carry, and should probably take the .45 instead of the LCP.

But I forgot and went out naked. The pick-up location was not the worst part of Philadelphia but it sure wasn’t far up the totem-pole.  I sat parked on side street for about 20-30 minutes with the ever present thought that if something happened I had set myself up to be a victim.

Mind you, I did not really expect anything to happen, it was just that such an area has a higher probability of something happening than areas I usually hang out in.

Before you rag on me too hard. Let me share that it’d been an interesting past few days. First we were buried alive in snow. Then I fell prey to the stomach bug circulating the area. So essentially I was homebound for a few days. Breaking habits that I usually follow, but that are still not ingrained with years of ritual. Furthermore, I had a nuts crazy morning juggling kids, cars and more.

So I put this question out to all my readers. What have you done to help you solidify the ritual of arming yourself?  Do you still find yourself occasionally walking out naked inadvertantly?

If not, what have you done to perfect your habits?

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