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CNN hit piece against guns, trying to convince Americans that Jefferson was not pro-gun.


Evil Mr. Zimmerman now has at least four new friends who are extremely happy he was not convicted. Largely, because if he had been convicted, Mr. Zimmerman wouldn’t have been there to help rescue and pull them out of their flipped over vehicle

H/T’s to for the next two

There is no such thing as “gun confiscation”, just merely a request for mandatory surrendering of property, that’s all. Totally different….


What happens when a 17 year knocks you off your feet and starts pummeling you head into the cement, and you don’t shoot him?  You DIE!!!!!

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Because empty guns do not always keep them down…

Mother protects her family, shoots home invader 5 times with revolver (misses once). Keeps man subdued with empty gun as they empty and flee.  Home invader than escapes and drives off in vehicles.

Now consider these facts:

  • 5 shots was not sufficient to stop the invader
  • Ran out of ammunition. Had there been a second home invader,
    she  would have been unarmed… clearly there is a need for more
    than 10 round magazines.
  • She hit 5 out of 6 rounds on target, that’s an 83% hit rate
    (Compare this to police who had a mere 65% hit rate – remember that when people argue guns should only be in the hands of trained people like police officers)
  • She would likely be dead if not for her gun.  So would her child.

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