“If it saves one life….ban parole!”

We always hear that claim. If it saves even one life.  Really? Really?  If you are ever told that, then exclaim back loudly “Then lets eliminate parole and early release programs.”

Far more lives would be saved in a year by that one change than an AWB would save in 10 years. It is almost rare that I ever hear of a violent assault, rape, robbery in which the criminal was committing their first crime and facing their first conviction.

“Ramsey [criminal] had a job, regularly met with his parole officer and had tested negative for drugs, Marlan said.His record also included convictions for destruction of police or fire property, resisting police and assault with a dangerous weapon.”

Clearly, parole board has failed. They have a knack for that.
In the case of this article of a rapist, who’s victim leapt from the vehicle and fled to a house.  And a 14 year old with a decent head on his shoulders.  He grabbed his hunting knife, the woman called 911, and the criminal tried to burn the house down.

But at least the 14 year old was smart enough to arm himself with the best tool he could find.  Remember, it’s the Right to Bear Arms – Not Right to Bear Guns … let’s NEVER forget that. Knives, swords, clubs, all should be protected.  

This is one of my only gripes about Pennsylvania law. I have an LTCF, or License to Carry Firearm…not a license to carry a weapon. And that bums me out. Yes, I do think we should be able to wield knives, swords, tazers, and in another 20 years – lasers.



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“it was the knife that did it”

“In his testimony, he stated that it was the knife that did it, and he stated this repeatedly,” Kendra Beebe told HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell. “In fact it wasn’t the knife that stabbed me 23 times. It was Shelley Malil.”


I mean, at least there is some validity when Toyota owners claim it was their car that did it. But a knife….no computers, no mechanical bits, just the typical Newtonian physics laws. (ie: an object at rest, remains at rest unless a force is applied to it).


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