The Obama Kudos Page

UPDATED: 4/24/2013

This will be a page in which I will post my kudos for President Obama. I disagree with much of Obama’s platform and behavior. But I will give credit where credit is due:

  1. Didn’t raise a fuss when a man open-carried an AR-15 at a Tea Party protest across the street from his townhall meeting.
  2. In referring to Kanye West’s despicable behavior, called him an asshole.
  3. Declared that Federal law enforcement would not pursue medical marijuana users in the states that had legalized it. Helping to reduce victimless crime arrests.
  4. Joined Billy Graham on the National Day of Prayer despite the court saying it was unconstitutional for government to have such a day.
  5. In receiving Polanski’s letter from French President Sarkozy; didn’t even bother to read it – or so I hear.
  6. Called for the  stop to Oil subsidies.
  7. Brews his own beer?
  8. President Obama supports your right to do with your own property as you please (at least so far as involves unlocking your cell phone).
  9. President to sign bill allowing Native American tribes to have authority to prosecute certain criminal activities by non-tribe members.
  10. President Obama discourages his daughters from getting tattoos. But gotta give him credit for how he does so. President Obama declared to his daughters, that if they get a tattoo, he will get the exact same tattoo in the exact same spot and post it to youtube.com

This list may be added to over time. It all depends on President Obama.

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Updating President Obama’s Kudos page…

Yes, we have a specific page for the President’s KUDOS

President Obama is talking about ending the subsidies for oil companies.  (Albeit, he’d like to apply them to alternative energy subsidization.)

I for one am all for it.  And I’d wager even Ron Paul would be voting in support of President Obama on this one.  The truth is, we can’t deride subsidies for alternative energy and then hand them to oil.  And oil is a well developed industry which we do need to move away from for our energy use, (so as to preserve for manufacturing use).  

So it may be rare,….but “good job” Mr. President.  “Gitt’r’Dun!”

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