League Two: First NightResults = PITIFUL!

I was really looking forward to tonight, the first competition of the Winter League. I had acquired a new holster (just a cheap Fobus) but far better than the nylon IWB I was using during the fall league.

Upon arrival I realized that I did not have a magazine holder and the course of fire included a reload. My old holster had a compartment for an extra magazine. But this required me to reach over with my left hand and withdraw the magazine from my right side.

So I quickly decided to purchase a double-magazine holder. Put it on (which entailed reversing my belt). And was ready to go.

The course of fire was three targets. Six rounds. The first round was at 10 yds – 2 shots on target one, reholster. 2 shots on second target, reholster. 2 shots on the third target. Then 2 shots on each target for a total of six, then reholster. And then 4 shots on each target, shooting 6 rounds and then reloading and shooting another six. This was then repeated at 15 yards.

Well, now is when things get pitiful. While I was not expecting glorious results I was hoping to improve on my fall performance. Except this time I was plagued with technical problems. I had four failures with my pistol to load a round. Finding myself ready, aimed and not firing. My slide stopped open. At first I thought I was limp wristing, what else could it be? I asked my instructor and range master to take a look. And he inquired about lubrication as he didn’t think I was limp wristing.

It was then that I realized that the last time I cleaned my pistol, was also the first time I used a degreaser. And while I did apply lubricant afterwards, but apparently I did not apply it liberally enough. Granted I am hoping this was indeed my issue. I am hoping to get down to the range this weekend and give it another go after having cleaned and lubed my pistol this evening.


All in all this once again proved to be a very educational experience for me. Much prefer to learn about this trouble on the firing range in competition than on the street in a life threatening situation.

I also tried out some new equipment, electronic hearing protection…you can read my review here.

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