Crosman Benjamin Air Rifles

Anyone up for a .357 pellet gun?

Crosman’s 357 Big Bore ePCP was one of the more interesting products in the new product display area.  I was quite fascinated with this unit as I had recently seen the NRA’s history coverage of Lewis & Clark’s air rifle.  So I sought to see the unit and had the opportunity to discuss it with Crosman

It doesn’t have the 20 round capacity of the Lewis & Clark rifle. Rather it uses a cylindrical cartridge system. Which can be seen at the bottom of the following photo. The pressure capacity, will allow for up to 20 shots to be fired. The unit uses pressurized CO2 (usually from something like a SCUBA tank). This was one area of slight disappointment. I’d love for a manual means of pressurizing. But I understand the difficulties involved in that.

It does not use an ordinary .357 bullet, rather it fires a special pellet in 357 caliber. The Benjamin 357 has been used to take down prey as large as wild boar.

Sadly, Pennsylvania does not allow the use of air rifles in hunting. It’s something I’d like to see changed, as I believe it to be a bit archaic of a law.  Air rifles have come a long way since the Red Ryder BB gun era. Many new models are pushing pellets at 1,200fps. And there are a handful of big bore air rifles pushing very large projectiles at 600fps-800fps.

The law should be reconsidered to designate what game can be hunted with what air rifles, and what are the minimum operating specifications (ie: 1,200 fps with x ft lbs of force).

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