The importance of locking criminals up…

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Manchester, U.K arrested a gang leader and 10 of his cohorts. The result? A city of approx 1/2 million in a metro area of around 2.5 million experienced a 92% reduction in gang-related shootings. And went 12 months with no gang-related murders.

This goes to show what we gun owners already know. The problem is not guns, but criminals.  Just 11 men were responsible for 90% of the gang shootings in Manchester.

11 out of 2,500,000 – the removal of a dozen men from society made hundreds of thousands safer!

It has been pretty well documented in America that the vast majority of crimes are committed by repeat offenders.  Criminals who were either not prosecuted for their crimes, released on bail, and out on parole or shortened sentence.

The result is that our society is forced to bear an enormous toll in loss of life and property.

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