Mexican Militia Routs Drug Cartel

Potentially interesting. The Templars Drug Cartel accuses the militia of being a proxy force for a rival drug cartel, in which case this is just more of the same. However, if this is actually a collection of citizens unconnected to the drug trade and cartels, who have armed themselves, and are taking on and in fact defeating the cartels. Than I must say this is a beautiful thing. And in fact is how many governments are initially established.

They’re being labeled vigilantes. However, if they are an en masse of the communities themselves, than they are far more akin to a militia. And one must remember, we’re talking about a region where the rule of law has essentially collapsed.  So in no way would I consider such a group vigilantes. Vigilantes operate outside of the law, if the law is not there…is it really vigilantism?

“Towns began to form vigilante forces in February 2012, saying they were fed up with the local police’s inability or unwillingness to stop the cartel’s murders, kidnappings and extortion rackets.”

That sounds like a militia to me…

Now, how about the U.S. give these folks some assistance (no, I don’t mean more guns run across the border). I mean ending the drug war, eliminating the financial base of these violent cartels.

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Video on Swiss & Firearms

The video mentions a large shooting event in Switzerland, the largest in the world with some 200,000 attendees.  Best part…the Swiss government provides the ammo.

Oh that America was so…

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The video article is not too bad – for CNN.  (I must confess that I was expecting much much worse.) The reporter refers to a rifle that he shoots as a “semi-automatic” assault rifle. Which is a little better than the typical media “evil fully automatic assault weapon” spheel.

They also interview Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center (a very anti-gun organization) which put out the report on the return of the militas.

The interview records Mark Potok commenting on the increasing numbers of such groups and surge of activity. They don’t really let him say too much (which was nice)
, though he attempts to insinuate that it is all against Obama.

However, they allowed the militia members interviewed to give a very good rebuttal.  One organizer stating that “This is not an Obama centered organization.” In fact the reporter comments that the organizer who is both a veteran and postal worker urges respect for the President.”

I liked that the article also stated how they practice first aid and emergency medical treatment, useful during natural disasters.

All in all, not a bad article. Although this is one of those cases where just covering ordinary people in fatigues with rifles is going to startle many ordinary citizens.  Particularly those with liberal ideologies that believe individual rights should be removed in the greater good.

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