The ever changing world of arms…

The Future of Firearms:

A long time ago, on a sea far far away the swashbuckling pirates stormed the merchant vessel wielding their large sharp sabers….

Many many years later another merchantman fended off a pirate vessel thru a pre-preemptive attack of arrows and crossbow bolts.

Centuries two naval vessels engaged one another. Their brass cannons firing large iron balls at one as the two ships crashed into one another; their men boarded wielding sword and firing muskets.


I could go on all the way to modern rifles, etc. The truth is “arms” are always evolving. The Constitution declares a right to bear arms. We usually hear the 2nd Amendment rights activists tout their right to carry a firearm. However, other aspects of this right are often neglected. It was common practice to carry a sword, saber or a dagger centuries ago. Yet even with a Pennsylvania license to carry firearm – I am still forbidden from walking around with one of my swords. Why is that?

Surely, my .45 ACP handgun is far deadlier than my sword. Why do we second amendment activists focus on the narrow view of arms to be firearms?


Okay, you may think I am just stirring up the pot for stirring sake. But I’m not. I am a visionary, I find that I can see the future that many are unable to see. “Arms” are evolving, and though it may be another 100-200 yrs until the next major evolution. We must be careful that we do not turn our Second Amendment right into a limitation.

I just read about a new weapon system. While it’s a tad big to be my new carry (perhaps it’ll be my vehicle gun). It’s showing how much progress is being made. This new “arm” is a combat laser system. But unlike previous laser weapon systems, this one does NOT need to be mounted on a Jumbo 747 or naval ship. While it’s still very bulky and unlikely to be on anything less than a Humvee.

One must remember that we are witnessing the infancy of a new weapons platform. You would not the comparison of “blunderbuss” to an AR-15 fair would you? What about to an .380 LCP?

In another 40-80 yrs, such systems may be portable enough to be carry weapons.  What happens if all of the legislation we’ve fought to enact in defense of our 2nd Amendment is focused solely on firearms?  We may find ourselves only able to walk around with antique 9mm.  Stuck in the middle of history unable to wield older arms such as swords and crossbows and likewise forbidden from carrying the new top of the line carry blasters.

So while this post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Remember, when you’re advocating your second amendment rights. To be careful how any legislation is worded. And don’t dismiss the banning of other arms like swords, crossbows, and knives.

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