The NRA was racist….

How journalists spin the lies and deceit.  Yahoo had an article on gun control with the following quote.

“The NRA, for example, not only offered whites the first crack at jobs, but authorized separate and lower pay scales for blacks.”


Really, the author writes an article on gun control, and then transitions using FDR compromising with southern racists. And in the same paragraph states ” The NRA, for example, not only offered whites the first crack at jobs, but authorized separate and lower pay scales for blacks.”

What the AUTHOR fails to tell the reader, is that in this context the NRA does not equal National Rifle Association. Rather, it means National Recovery Administration, which was an FDR program eventually deemed unconstitutional.

However, the fact that the National Recovery Administration (NRA) was a historical entity is known by probably less than 1% of Americans. When 99% of people today hear NRA, they think “National Rifle Association”. Especially in the context of a gun control article.

This whole piece was disingenuously written by the author for the mere opportunity of associating race and discrimination with the NRA, knowing that since the author left out National Recovery Administration, most would in the context of a gun control article assume it meant the more familiar NRA.

Sure, the author covered his butt with other FDR programs. But it’s very clear that this article was an under-handed attempt at libel.

And while I know many were taught in school that FDR was one of America’s greatest presidents, I challenge you to study him beyond what you were taught in school. And I wager that you will, as did I, discover he is arguably the worst and most dangerous president in the history of America. (And before you decry President Obama, he is no where near the level of FDR. I’d take President Obama over FDR any day.)



A sincere “Thank You!”

To the kind sir who made a $1,000 donation to the National Rifle Association via the link on this blog.

From all of us in the community – thank you for helping to protect our rights!

Jason at the N.U.G.U.N. Blog

PS – I had to do a double-take on that one. 😉

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NRA + Social Networking

Those of my generation are quite aware of the influence of the internet.  Many in their twenties and early thirties utilize the internet on a daily basis. We have no landlines, just web enabled cell phones and high speed data lines (who needs an old telephone line?).  However, much of the gun community is unfamiliar with the internet, new media, or social networking.

The National Rifle Association is making some strong progress toward changing that…





And of course the websites of the NRA (join if you’re not already a member) and the NRA-ILA (sign up and join the ranks of those fighting for our rights)